Jamie to the Rescue: Vegetarian and Vegan Christmas Meal Ideas

As a veggie newbie it was about time to start thinking about my first vegetarian Christmas meal. Being a vegetarian for only a few months now, I had never encountered the challenge of thinking of vegetarian alternatives to the meaty, German meals I used to eat on Christmas. Christmas goose, bacon flavoured vegetables and stuffing should be replaced with suitable dishes without losing the feel of comfort food and great taste. An easy way to create a vegetarian or vegan dinner can be by using meat substitutes. Nevertheless, you don't need to buy expensive replacements to have a great dinner on Christmas. As I searched for meal ideas, my favourite chef Jamie Oliver surprised me with a huge variety of vegetarian and vegan Christmas meals. Whether you're a veggie or not, these mouth-watering dishes would look good on any Christmas table. Here are some ideas from the naked chef:

1. Starters:

Start your meal with one of these beauties: gluten-free spinach & ricotta roulade or Gennaro's beautiful leftover bruschetta. Your family and friends will be hooked from the start and nobody will miss any meat!



2. Main dishes:

The main dish is the heart of every Christmas meal. Even without meat, these meals are comfort food and everything you need on a cold Christmas day. Impress your friends and family or indulge yourself on vegan gravy, beautifully roast vegetables and Jamie's vegan nut roast.


3. Dessert:

For me, dessert is the best part of every Christmas. Sweet, spicy or fruity - there are a lot of great vegetarian and even vegan recipes Jamie has in store for us! My favourites include the vegan chocolate parfait and the ultimate gingerbread. No one will say no to these treats.


4. Brunch:

Christmas brunch with family and friends is always a great idea. These great recipes won't make you miss bacon or any other pre-veggie delights. Good conscience has never tasted so delicious! Gather your loved ones to enjoy vegan pancakes and Jamie's crumpies.






All there's left to say is bon appétit and thank you Jamie for saving our veggie Christmas dinner!


Click here for even more delicious vegetarian Christmas dishes!

Click here for even more delicious vegan Christmas dishes!