Interview: UoN's Uni Boob Team

When did Nottingham Uni Boob team officially start as a society?

Notts UBT has been around on and off since 2012! 

What are your main ambitions as a society?

Our ambitions are simple! We want to get as many people as possible at UoN checking their boobs and pecs regularly so that they can get to know their ‘normal’ and check out anything that changes. One of the ways we do this is through CoppaFeel!’s text reminder service: if you text UBT NOTTS to 70500 you’ll receive a free monthly reminder to check your chest! We also want to raise as much as we can for CoppaFeel! so that they can keep spreading the boob love across the country.

Why do you think the boob team has been such a success?

Our success comes down to how enthusiastic our team is about the importance of young people getting to know their bodies and checking their boobs/pecs! Without the dedication of our boob team to raising both awareness and funds, we definitely wouldn’t be where we are now. The support we receive from both CoppaFeel! and UoNSU also makes a huge difference as it allows us to reach so many more people! 

What are the biggest misconceptions/stigmas that you've been faced with regarding checking your boobs/pecs?

The biggest misconception we face is probably that breast cancer can’t affect men or that uni students are “too young” too think about checking their boobs/pecs. This is why it is so important that we keep talking tits at UoN! However, more and more people we speak to have heard of us or already check which is so great to hear.

How do you check your boobs?

There’s no right or wrong way to check your boobs; the most important thing is that you do it regularly! You can check however you feel most comfortable, whether that’s in the shower or in front of the tele. CoppaFeel! do have a few tips though: 

  • Check into your armpits and up to your collarbones as your breast tissue extends into these areas
  • Look and feel– many of the symptoms and signs of breast cancer are changes in the appearance of your boobs 
  • Know your normal – boobs can change naturally as part of your monthly cycle – get to know what’s normal for you so you are able to detect anything unusual
  • If in doubt, get it checked out! Visit your doctor if there is anything you are worried about

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How can anyone get involved with the Boob Team?

We are constantly recruiting because the more people we have spreading our mission the further it goes! Best thing to do would be to send a message to either our Instagram (@ubtnottingham) or our Facebook page ‘Nottingham Uni Boob Team’ and then we will be able to add you to our volunteering group! 

What are your plans for the future regarding the boob team? We have lots of exciting things in the works for the rest of the year! We are going to be hitting Ocean and Crisis regularly to sell glitter in aid of CoppaFeel! and in exchange for a sign up to our text reminder service. We will also be hosting a charity clothes swap event sometime this November/December so keep an eye on our social media for more information about that!