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An Interview with Silver Wilson

I recently caught up with the awesome Silver Wilson who are a Nottingham/Leeds based band. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys.

1. Where did you get the name Silver Wilson from?

Coming up with that name was a long process. It took us weeks messing around with logos and fonts to try and get the right name. We didn’t just want a cool sounding name, we wanted it to look good from a typography perspective as well as on posters and stuff. I always wanted to call a project ‘Silver’ something and Silver Wilson was my first idea and then it just stuck.

2. How did you guys form as a band?

We’ve all known each other for years, and we all used to be in another Nottingham band, The Gorgeous Chans. So, when our last group decided to call it quits, we wanted to carry on making music together, so we formed the group we are today.

3. Do you have a favourite Nottingham venue to perform at?

It definitely has to be The Bodega. We headlined it last year in the summer and it was one of our best shows to date. Fond memories of that gig!

4. How important do you think local venues are to helping bands and singers establish themselves?

It is so important! It really helps you get up the ladder in terms of establishing a fan base and connections through people working at the venue or coming to watch the gigs. Not only that, the more you play in local venues, the more mature your sound becomes, it gives you an identity. Our live set has come on a long way since we first started playing the smaller, local venues.

5. What do you aspire to? Is there a certain goal for you as a band?

We just want to make music that people enjoy and can relate to! Also, maybe to become the best band ever to grace the earth? But that’s not really a priority at the minute.

7. If you could all choose another instrument to learn what would it be and why?

100% the Tibetan Nose Flute. There is a gap in the market for people who play that. I would like to see more people giving it a go. You don’t hear it a lot in modern pop music these days.

Take a look at their awesome track ‘fool’ here:


19. History Undergraduate at UoN. Lover of live music.
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