How to Stay in Touch with Friends During Your Year Abroad

Is your significant other or best mate in the process of planning their year abroad next year? And although you are obviously thrilled for them- you tend to feel a mild panic brewing whenever they bring it up?

Do not fret. Those same apps that you use during lectures to keep in touch with your bestie hold up just as well when there’s a sea between the both of you. Two months down, here are the methods that have stuck when staying in touch with my pals over the channel.


1.Snapchat, for the daily bants

Yes, I do want to see how grumpy you look when you’re on the way to work at 7am, and those burnt chicken nuggets? I enjoy seeing them also. Snapchat, although not ideal for more substantial conversations, has been a real treat for light hearted tit bits during the day- I love seeing my friends stories, whether it’s the Nottingham council house lit up for Christmas or their year abroad town looking beaut on their way to school. Plus, when Ocean separation anxiety strikes, it’s just nice to see photographic proof that it’s still as tacky and as brilliant as always. Keep them coming pals, because you know what they say: an ugly Snapchat a day keeps the boredom away.


2.Postcards and Letters, for the cuteness

Being away from home is a great opportunity to keep track of birthdays and big events in your loved ones lives. Sending a foreign post card to someone’s uni accommodation gains potentially the same thanks you’d receive if you were to hand them a pre-written essay and a complimentary bottle of Grey Goose. And the same goes for receiving mail, it’s the nicest surprise! (and has the added bonus of making you feel pretty adult too). So turn the sop on and write them a letter, it doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, even bullet point’s will do- either way; they’re bound to appreciate it. 

3.WhatsApp and Facebook Message, for the group chat

A bit like Snapchat, WhatsApp and particularly Facebook Message is good just for a continuous chat with a group of people. It’s nice to log on and see people just having random conversations about meet ups, slip ups and break ups (last one not so nice, but important none the less) - it makes you feel in the loop even if all you contribute is a vaguely appropriate sticker- queue ham cat ladies and gentlemen. My roommate has also suggested Google+ Hang Out. I myself haven’t tried it but with the ability to have more than two people web-camming it’s probably the overseas version of a coffee and a gossip between gals.


4.Facetime and Skype, for the catch up

Finally, sometimes, you just need to see someone’s beautiful face. This is also a big one for all you pet lovers out there: despite my dog being a clever little chap he unfortunately has not yet mastered the ability to WhatsApp me when I’m feeling a little blue.  

 He does not have a clue. Bless him.

Facetime and Skype are also just good for getting on with work and having your bestie jabbering away on the other end, it’ll make them feel close and you feel at home.


So, when your special someone starts bubbling over with excitement over their pending year out, just remember it might be a little different, but it will honestly be okay. It’s not forever and think of all the things you get to catch up on when you reunite! After a few weeks of adjusting you will both fall right into new routines; as the awkward 2am selfies start flooding in, it’ll be like they never left.


Edited by Nicole Jones

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