How to Make the Most of Summer If You've Got Nothing Planned

With such pressure being placed on making the most of our long summer while we're still in education, it's easy to feel like a failure when the days start getting warmer and you have nothing planned. I know the feeling: everyone seems to have such incredible internships, summer schools, or trips to exotic places planned, yet you can't think any further than your final exam. Despite how you may feel, it's not too late to salvage your summer!
Okay, it might not be as interesting as an internship in the company of your dreams but getting a part-time summer job has so many benefits. You’ll earn transferable skills that still look great on a CV and make money that you can save or use to fund some fun days or nights out. If you’re lucky enough, you might also land yourself with a new group of work pals, maximising your social life. And, look, its only for a few hours a week, you’ll still have plenty of time relax! 
Though it might seem like the last thing you want to do after a stressful exam season, Summer is a great time to get ahead on work for next year. I’m not talking about anything heavy, just a little bit of reading to prepare for - and limit - your workload in September. I find that (almost) three months is a long time to go without doing work and it can be tricky to get motivated again when term starts so this is also a great way to stay engaged. 
Holidays abroad can be expensive, so why not embrace England and the (hopefully) pleasant summer weather? You could go camping, stay in a seaside town for a few nights or plan a night out in a new city. If you don't have a car, National Express have some ridiculously cheap coach fairs to keep the cost of your trip low!

If staycations are out of your price range, Summer is a great opportunity to make the most of your local area. Go for cute picnics in the park (or even your garden) with your pals, spend the day window shopping (looking at what you can buy when the student loans start flowing again!) or just take a tour around all your old favourite hangouts - after all, you don't spend much time at home anymore.

Finally, the main point of Summer is to have a break and relax so don’t deny yourself that! Spend some time reading that book you’ve been meaning to read or watching that TV show everyone is raving about. Just make sure you recharge and enjoy your free time before uni kicks off again in the autumn!