How To Deal With The Final Year Blues

Like many final year students, I am dreading leaving university for good at the end of this year. And this week has been a difficult week as we are reminded of just how long ago freshers was for us. We’re ridden with fear at what this year holds. But do not fret oldies, we’ve got you covered on how to deal with the final year blues.

“I hate the freshers simply because they’re freshers”

Now, as much as we don’t want to do admit it, we’re all a little jealous of the freshers joining our university this year. So young, so fresh-faced and so innocent – it’s their turn to go on the most exciting adventure that we’ve all been through. But it’s not all fun and games for these freshers. We’re jealous of their newly found freedom but we can’t forget the struggles we went through as first years. We were all once so naïve, whether it was on our lack of cooking skills or dealing with our ‘first house’ confrontation. Now that we’re in our final year, we’ve grown up a little and have dealt with so many things that we’d probably rather forget. Remember that it wasn’t all ups and congratulate yourself on all the things you’ve dealt with so far. So don’t hate on the freshers, jealousy isn’t a good look!

“I still don’t know what to do with my life and I need to find a job”

Your whole uni experience was leading up to this. You’ve been told repeatedly that at this point in your life you will definitely know what you want to do and you will graduate, find a job and live happily ever after. But that time has come and the reality of still not knowing sinks in. Don’t stress! There are plenty of us in the same boat. It’s not the end of the world if you still don’t know! There’s so many options out there for us for when we graduate – masters, grad schemes and internships just to name a few. The best way to deal with this is research, research, and research. Find out what suits you best, try it out and decide! Remember that you’ve made it this far, so you must be doing something right!


“I have to be an adult? What? Why?”

The day is nearing. We have to start doing a thing that people call “adulting.” What even is that? Can we ban the term? For most of us in final years, we’re in this limbo of our early 20s where we’re expected to act like responsible adults but also are told that we’re still young and free and have so much to look forward to. With such a contradiction, we don’t really know what “adulting” really means. Does it mean settling down? Does it mean finding a great job and buying a house? The answer is simple: it’s whatever you want it to mean.  Being in your final year, having graduation looming over your head, and the thought of employment doesn’t mean that your life is over; in fact, many people consider this as a fresh start. So, embrace it! Treat this new chapter the way you treated the day you first walked into campus. Make of it what you will!

So final years, don’t spend your final year moaning and fearing the end like this:


Instead, embrace it and be like this – it’d be a much more enjoyable year:

Edited by Immy Hibberd

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