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How to Boss your Multiple-Choice Exam

When telling people that part of my exam at uni is assessed by multiple choice questions (MCQs), they often roll their eyes and tell me I’ll be fine because, ‘they’re so much easier than essay questions’. Little do they know how difficult this kind of exam actually is. In light of this, I thought I’d put together some little tips and tricks on how to revise for MCQ exams and boss them!

TIP #1: Know your stuff

Anything can come up so make sure you’re prepared for this. MCQ exams are often very specific.

TIP #2: Use Flashcards

Flash cards will be your new best friend. Turn the front of the flashcard into a question and then you’ll have your own set of MCQS without even realising.

TIP #3: Make quizzes for you and your classmates

This is such an efficient way of revising.  Get into small groups, split the topics between you and make quizzes on each topic. You can use websites such as Quizlet or Go Conqr which have online flashcard templates, mind maps- you name it, and they’re all free!

TIP #4: Don’t underestimate the exam

Trust me, they can be very tough. It might be easy to keep telling yourself that the exam is going to be a breeze because it’s ‘only MCQs’. Don’t make this mistake and leave your revision until the last minute- devote enough time to prepare for these exams. You’ll definitely thank yourself later.

TIP #5: Your first answer is usually the right one

Don’t keep changing your answer (unless you’re 100% sure it’s wrong). Follow your gut instinct: usually your first answer is right.

TIP #6: Answer every question

Unless the exam is negatively marked, you have nothing to lose by answering every question. Even if you have absolutely no idea, it’s a 1 in 4 chance that you might get it correct.

TIP #7: Read the question carefully

This is so so important. They often throw in words that you might miss. For example, the question could ask which of the below is NOT true. To avoid missing these key words, read the question twice.

Hopefully after learning these tips, you’ll be thoroughly prepared for those pesky MCQs and completely boss the exams. Good luck and happy revising!


Edited by: Tia Ralhan


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