How to be the 'Hostess with the Mostest' in your Garden!

Well, since garden parties and BBQs are the new big thing at the moment, I thought I would share some tips and ideas on how to make the most of outdoor living, even when UK summer weather tries to put a dampener on it!


Firstly, the decoration:

You can make your garden the perfect Instagram backdrop with some cute décor! Try fairy lights around trees or some hanging lanterns and get out lots of rugs, cushions and blankets for people to snuggle up in when it gets cold. You could get a few Bluetooth speakers to play music for your garden as well, to really push the boat out! Also, since we all have lots of time on our hands, why not get into gardening? You could grow herbs, flowers or even fruit and veg- now is the perfect time to discover your inner gardener!


Next, the food:

Outdoor eating can still be super creative! You could have a few friends round in the morning for a quirky coffee and cereal club meetup, or how about hosting an afternoon tea party, with some tea and scones? If summer evening weather holds out though, now is the perfect time for BBQs and drinks- with bars still closed, why not use lockdown to learn how to make some fancy cocktails; this mojito recipe is super easy and requires only five ingredients!


And of course, entertainment:

What socially distanced entertainment can we do at a garden party? Well, if you’re not too bored of pub quizzes right now, there are still so many online to choose from! Or, if you want to reminisce on camping experiences, you could buy a chiminea, or (for a more student budget friendly option) a mini BBQ so all your guests can toast marshmallows and make smores. You could do a ‘Friends Got Talent’ party and encourage everyone to share skills or talents they have learnt during lockdown. But of course, you don’t need to plan anything, and may just want to use this time for a good old catch up.


Make it exciting!

We could all do with adding extra excitement to our days, so why not get really creative? You could have a different theme for when friends visit, encouraging people to dress up or bring food that matches it, for example Tiki themed for a drink’s night, or a Great British Bake-off style tea party. For a party atmosphere, you could buy a piñata, or for a relaxing catch up, why not buy facemasks for everyone and have a mini spa day in your back garden. You could also host a yoga session or have a mini painting club with your friends! The possibilities are endless!


Weather warnings. Make sure to encourage guests to bring umbrellas and have a few spares in your house- just in case you have to hide underneath! But be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast beforehand and keep your fingers crossed!