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Homesick or University Loving: What Type of Fresher Are You?

As accepting my offer from the University of Nottingham meant moving away from home and leaving my family, I was pretty much certain I would be in tears every night. However, I settled into university life much quicker than I originally anticipated. During my first semester here, however, I have encountered different types of freshers, some who think very differently to me. So here is a list of 3 types of students, which one are you?


The Home Bird

These are the people who do not want to be at university. They are too homesick to come out of their rooms and enjoy a night out with their new friends as they are constantly thinking about what’s happening at home. Hopefully these people will come out of their shells by the end of the semester and everyone should help them to do it! Keep them entertained and help keep their minds off of home for a few hours! Why not try inviting them to the cinema or out for a meal, chances are they’ll appreciate the invite! It’s important to know that it shouldn’t be embarrassing if you love your family and want to see them. Everyone is different; don’t judge.


The Casuals

The people like me. The ones who are happy at university but love going home every few weeks to see their families and friends. Even though I love Nottingham, knowing that I live close enough to go home at the weekend is such a comfort to me. It can however feel a bit awkward when someone says “you’re going home again?” and then they tell you all about how they’re “sticking it out”. But the truth is this – you don’t get any prizes for winning ‘who can last the longest without their family’. Just because you go home doesn’t mean you will end up with less of a university experience or degree mark than anyone else – it’s the first semester of the first year, get the support (and free food) whenever you can!

That’s my biggest tip for all my fellow freshers – don’t be embarrassed about wanting to go home. Missing your family is not a weakness.


The Warriors


These are the people who are constantly talking about their refusal to go home. How it’s only 1 semester and it would be stupid to go home so early. This is fine too – they are allowing themselves to adjust to university life. These will be the people who do not leave for home until the last second of the last hour of the last day – who leave home at the very start of the semester and never plan on returning until the very end. It surprises me that throughout my first month here, I have mostly encountered the Warrior attitude. I was expecting a lot more people to be eager to go home and see their families but there isn’t. However, please do not be intimidated by the Warriors. Chances are that some of them may not have a great home life or they live too far from Nottingham to visit their families. University is an individual experience and everyone handles it at their own pace, just because they don’t go home doesn’t mean they don’t want to! As for all those genuine Warriors, I’m sure their attitudes will change in the weeks to come as the separation gets longer, because, let’s face it, even Warriors need some TLC!

Edited by Georgina Varley


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