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Home vs. Hallward

The eternal debate. To get dressed and haul yourself to Hallward or study at the comfort of your own desk (or rather, bed)? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons:

At home, the temptation to eat is often too strong and that’s kinda distracting 

So at Hallward there are studious people who in their studious-ness may inspire you 

But at home, you can have any kind of nervous breakdown without fear of judgement 

Though at Hallward, there are books with stuff in that you might need to know

However at home you are free to be as wild as you want with your working methods. Put post-it notes on walls. Do a dance. Be free. Be angry. Be wild.

But at Hallward, a study sesh can potentially be a great way to motivate each other. Maybe?

At home, hot beverages are readily available and will probably help your sanity

And at Hallward, silent study can be darn infuriating

But walking to Hallward might clear your mind and get you some exercise. No?

Let’s be honest, the temptation of ‘working’ at home is often too strong


Either way, choose wisely. Or just choose. We’ll all go slightly mad wherever we study.


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