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Name: Hollie Clark
Hometown: London
Degree: Psychology
Year: 1st
Campus Involvement: I’ve joined the Flaring Society which is cocktail-making etc. as well as Dance Society and Psychology Society. 
Dream Job: Probably forensic or clinical psychology after completing a masters and doctorate.
Personal Claim to Fame: I’m related to Amy Johnson who was a famous female pilot – first woman to fly solo from England to Australia!
Fun Fact: I got to 6/7 grade on the violin when I was little. Yeah, not exactly fun.
Favourite Food: Would have to be strawberries.
Most Embarrassing Uni Moment: There are too many! Probably walking into the wrong lecture and having to sit through it because I was too embarrassed to leave…
Where can you be found on a Friday night in Notts?: Most probably Ocean (despite the awful smell of sweaty drunken students)
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