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Her Campus interviews URN: The Big Picture

We’ve all been in that situation: you’re at a family party, a seminar or even an interview and the topic of current affairs arises and all you can do is smile along as though you know what’s going on. Thankfully, however, Nottingham University’s radio station has a weekly hour long politics show, the Big Picture. We have had the opportunity to interview two of the speakers on the show, including the self-proclaimed ‘working-class whisperer’ James, along with one of the fans of the show, Alex.

What exactly is involved in hosting a Big Picture show?

James: In advance of this show I had to choose the debates which were to be discussed. There’s a lot of pressure to encourage participation, order, timekeeping as well as being funny.

Will: Especially as the debates can get pretty heated.

What do you enjoy about being on the show?

Will: I like having the chance to debate with likeminded people from different backgrounds. It also makes me more informed on topics I may not have paid attention to, as I have to research them if they are going to be up for debate.

Why should people listen to the Big Picture?

Will: It isn’t just white, middle-class males talking about political issues, the range of students on the show bring out many different views. Also, there’s the chance for you as a listener to have your say by messaging into the show and having the panel respond to you, where possible. We even have someone who texts in from Brazil, I don’t know how he’s found us!  

James: I would encourage people to listen to the Big Picture especially in the run up to the election, as it gives a good insight into political policies and helps give you an educated insight if it isn’t something you would otherwise follow.  

Alex, you are a regular listener to the show. What do you enjoy about it?

Alex: I like the high quality arguments on topics that students may not regularly get the chance to discuss. It makes politics accessible for some of us who may not keep up to date with current affairs; and as the show is on weekly it keeps you up to date with what is happening. 

Tempted? Follow the group on Facebook or listen to The Big Picture online, 6pm-7pm every Wednesday.


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