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Her Campus is here to help you #CelebrateYourself

With essay deadlines and exams looming, panic has set in for many University of Nottingham students. The 34 bus onto campus is silent. The tension in Hallward is palpable. Listen carefully and you can hear a third year quietly sobbing over their dissertation in almost every corner of the library.

Many of you reading this will think you have little cause to celebrate. You are stressed, overworked and self-conscious of the chocolate-gut you’ve developed over the Easter holiday break.  You dream of one thing: freedom.

This is why we at Her Campus Nottingham have decided to cheer up our fellow students. You may be dreaming of freedom, but we’re offering you freebies. Because free stuff automatically makes everything better, doesn’t it?

You may feel like this right now:

But soon you’ll be feeling pretty pleased with yourself like this little guy:

Our mates at Her Campus Headquarters in Boston have sent us a Summer Survival Kit to help you celebrate being you despite this stressful time in the academic year. Here’s what we got in our kit:

1)      Free Chipotle

Chipotle have pulled through for us again and are offering our lovely readers vouchers for one free burrito, burrito bowl, salad or order of tacos. Who could say no to a tasty offer like that?

2)      Cute stationery!

Studying for your exams is a boring way to spend your days, but you can add some colour to your desk with our help! We’ve got gorgeous notebooks and Her Campus post-its and keyrings to help you accessorize for the exam period.


3)      Blink Tattoos

Just because you’re worried about your exam results doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with your look. Blink Tattoos have offered our readers an exclusive sample of their glittery MIA Collection (don’t worry, they’re only temporary!)

4)      Crunch Live

Fancy getting your workout on anytime, anywhere? Crunch Live are giving our readers unlimited 30-day access to their popular online exercise classes to help you get fit. But we warned: people will judge you if you start doing your Crunch routines in Hallward’s silent area.

5)      Stay safe with a Personal Alarm

We know how important it is to stay safe at night when you’re walking home from the library after a long day of revision. A Personal Alarm will ensure that you feel secure all of the time.

We’re hoping that these freebies will help you celebrate yourself! Look out for opportunities to win these items soon and tell us how why you’re celebrating with the hashtag #CelebrateYourself.


We would like to thank Her Campus, Crunch Live, Blink Tattoos and Chipotle for these goodies.






Harriet Dunlea is Campus Correspondent and Co-Editor in Chief of Her Campus Nottingham. She is a final year English student at the University of Nottingham. Her passion for student journalism derives from her too-nosey-for-her-own-good nature.
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