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Is Hallward really the best place to work?

Its that time of year again, red bull is your new best friend and youve just realised maybe you should have attended those lectures at the beginning of the year: its exam season. But where is the best way to stack up those last minute revision hours, in the comfort of your own home or in the library surrounded by stressed out students? Here are a few reasons why the university library might not make you as productive as your lecturers suggest.

Heard in Hallward

Your mind travels to weird places when youre procrastinating from revision.  How many words have I written in my lifetime? Why do humans have toenails? Could I pull off Kaley Cuocos new hairstyle? The problem with the library is that once you voice one of these one off stupid thoughts, they are then left as your personal university legacy as you make a surprise appearance on Facebooks ‘Heard in Hallward’ group.

The work face

Youre probably doing it now. If the rumours are true and Facebook can see through your webcam, were all screwed, as the concentrating work face is probably the least flattering expression a person will have. Who wants to be pulling that face when your possible future partner is wandering around? 


Lets face it, Hallward has a lot of stairs. Even the fittest among us find it difficult to go from the Starbucks to the Humanities floor in one go. At least at home you can go outside or get a coffee without having to brace the trek back to your work.

The not-so-quiet-quiet-zone

The problem with the library is having to share your space with others. A phone vibrating on the table? Two people whispering? Suddenly the little noises which wouldnt normally irritate you make you give the pointed stares and discreet tuts without actually saying anything that make you know youre British.  


If theres anything you dont want to do after a long day of looking over lecture notes, its a long walk in the cold. If you live on campus, this is less of a problem, but for those who know about the harsh walk back from campus to Lenton know its hardly worth it. With the busses stopping running in the early evening , (I mean, whos done with their work by then?)  I have seen a shameful amount of taxis appearing at Hallward in the late hours. 


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