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Halloween Isn’t Just For Kids…And Neither is Party Food!

It’s that time of year again when the air is crisp, the leaves are golden and the 31st of the month is the only REAL night of the year where it is acceptable for the twenty-something year olds of Nottingham University to wear fancy dress!

I can only be talking about Halloween! Whether you’re having a cosy movie night with your housemates, hosting pre-drinks for a Halloween themed night out, or terrifying the residents of Lenton by trick or treating, you’re bound to get hungry and so I have come up with a few cheap and easy Halloween themed recipes!


Recipe no. 1: Chocolate bat bites


These chocolate treats don’t just taste good, they look it too! Start by melting some chocolate in a big mixing bowl. The easiest way to do this is by simply microwaving the chocolate and stirring it every so often, but don’t put a plastic bowl in the microwave or you may have a small fire on your hands!

Mix Cornflakes (go for Sainsbury’s own brand- nobody will “taste the difference!”) into the melted chocolate until all the golden flakes are covered. Next roll the mixture into balls, and stick on two Smarties for eyes, then take 2 Doritos (again go for own brand; we are students after all!), and bite off the ends, to make them into little pointy ears. It should now resemble a bat! Stick these in either end of the chocolate balls and then leave in the fridge to set. Then, voila, you have yourself a cute little choco bat!


Recipe no. 2: Halloween pops


Firstly melt some chocolate in the same way as before. Coat all the Rice Krispies in chocolate and add orange Smarties and green M&M’s (keeping with the Halloween theme of course). Roll the chocolately krispy goodness into balls and use cocktail sticks or just cut up straws to stick into the balls, so that you don’t get your fingers dirty! Place in the fridge to set, and you have yourself the perfect Halloween treat.

Now this step is the most important – finish all the leftover M&M’s and Smarties, ensuring that your housemates don’t see you in case they dare ask for one!


Recipe no. 3: Dirt cakes

Empty a packet of Oreos into a sandwich bag and seal. Then, taking a rolling pin or another bashing tool, crush up the Oreos into a crumb. I know it will be painful to crush up the beautiful biscuits but it must be done! Now, this is going to sound weird but you’re going to have to trust me on this one. Mix the crumb with Philadelphia (or any other cream cheese), to make a sticky mixture. Next, spoon the mixture into cupcake cases and place sour gummy worms on top, so that it looks like they are creeping out of the ground!

All these recipes take no time at all and can be prepared ahead of time, so that you can take more time preparing your costumes and getting that effortless fake blood dead look.

Hope you enjoy these sweet treats!


Edited by Jayde Richards

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