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Halloween Costume Ideas For The Whole Squad

October 31st is just around the corner, and it’s likely you’ve got a big night out with the girls planned. However with that comes the annual problem of deciding what to wear! We’ve got you sorted with a whole bunch of ideas that are guaranteed to get you the ultimate squad Instagram post come Halloween night. 


Inside Out

Represent all the different aspects of a confused student’s mind as you embody Joy, Sadness and the gang. Coloured face paint may come in handy for this one!

Wizard of Oz

Click your heels and fly Over The Rainbow with this fancy dress look. Good luck deciding who gets to be Dorothy here!

The Hundred Acre Wood pals

If you and your girls are #friendshipgoals then you’d be perfectly suited to this Winnie the Pooh entourage. Grab some coloured tshirts and you’re set for an easy but effective look.

7 Dwarfs

For the bigger groups among us, pick the dwarf that most correlates with your personality. The chances are we all know the friend who would be Grumpy – and if you’re fiercely denying it right now, it’s probably you. 

Social networks

Does every squad meet up end up with you all sat on the sofa glued to your respective phones? Do you send each other previews of your latest Instagram before posting? And have you started saying “hashtag” out loud in a way that started ironically but now is completely natural? It’s time to own up and rock your favourite platform. Want the night to get really spooky? Leave your phone at home.

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