Grace Tang: President of the Contemporary China Society

Contemporary China Society offers up a taste of true Chinese culture; from the many trips to the best Chinese restaurants in Nottingham, to the weekly Mandarin and Cantonese lessons. This week we interviewed Grace Tang, President of the Contemporary China Society to find out more!


Hi Grace! Could you tell us a little bit about Contemporary China Society?

For those that don’t know about us, basically Contemporary China Society is a society which aims to promote the Chinese culture, by holding various Chinese related social events and weekly Mandarin Corners. Our aim is to not only bring a bit of China back to Nottingham, but also get everyone together in socializing, and meeting new people.  

Describe your society in five words?

Cultured, ethical, fun, motivated and committed.

What’s involved in the role of President? 

I’m basically responsible for everything. From organizing events and attending Presidential meetings, to meeting new members and communicating with them, there is a lot of work for role of President. I aim to be a leader within my committee by listening to opinions of other committee members and making the ultimate final decision. I also strive to make sure all our members are satisfied with the events we put on and any feedback, albeit positive or negative, are more than welcomed, and from the feedback we get, we strive to improve our society.

Whilst the role of President is hard work and stressful, it is extremely rewarding so I would encourage anyone to put themselves forward in being the President.

What can society members’ look forward to from the Society this year?

Well, the society members’ can look forward to the continuation of Mandarin Corner and also our Chinese New Year week (Monday 16th February to 22nd February 2015). We will also be hosting a refresher’s hotpot dinner night, so do make sure to check us out on Facebook for all of our events to get involved!

What has been your favourite memory so far as President?

I have a lot of favourite memories so far as President, such as meeting new members and also becoming really good friends with my committee members. I think my most favourite memory was organizing the Christmas Ball--- it was stressful and at times impossible, but we managed to get there in the end!

Lastly, what would you like your presidential legacy to be?

I hope the next President will be as committed as I am in making this society a success and continue to promote the society’s ethos like it is now, and hopefully make it even better.


Thanks so much Grace! To find out more about Grace’s society, and to join, visit: