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Michala Jackson

Glossier Review

Recently, I added to my Glossier collection and tried some new products. Overall, I’ve been really impressed and thought I would share my thoughts! (P.s. how cute is the packaging?!) 


Balm dotcom

Starting strong, this lip balm is the best I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot)! It’s super hydrating and long-lasting and comes in loads of scents/tints. I have the birthday cake one (which has a subtle shimmer running through it – stunning!) and the mango (no glitter, just sheen!). The birthday cake one has become slightly oily over time, but still works just as well when on. Oh, and they smell amazing!


Lip gloss

Another lip product (which was actually the first Glossier product I ever tried a few years back) is their lip gloss. I have the holographic and clear glosses and use them all of the time. The clear gloss gives a glass effect and isn’t sticky or uncomfortable. The holographic has that extra flare with the glitter running through it and has the same formula. Overall, a staple in every handbag of mine!


Futuredew serum

If you suffer from dry skin, you need this serum! I was in a rut, not understanding why every foundation I was trying was still making my skin look dry, despite having an extensive skincare regime. A friend recommended me this serum and oh my goodness! Dry patches – GONE. I put it on just before foundation, and it’s quite tacky so makes for a great makeup base. The bottle is also stunning, I have it on display on my makeup desk.



[bf_image id="q76a9j-feratk-94gh3t"]


Cloud paint

I’ve heard the cloud paint liquid blushes be raved about for AGES. So, mainly to get free delivery, I impulsively ordered the pink shade ‘puff’. It looks lovely on, but a word of warning is that it’s very pigmented. The first time I used it I had bright pink cheeks and kind of looked like a clown – basically, a little goes a very long way! But overall, a really nice choice if you’re wanting something that looks like skin and is hydrating.



This highlighter was probably my least favourite of the bunch. Don’t get me wrong – it still has some great qualities – it’s infused with coconut and castor oil so very hydrating and gives a natural sheen. There’s no glitter at all, so it really does look like dewy skin. However, like with most cream highlighters, it disturbed my makeup when applied directly to the skin. I found that the best thing to do is warm the product in between your fingers and then apply onto the face – there’s definitely less foundation moved around then. Having said that, it’s still gorgeous – and the epitome of ‘natural glow’.


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