Get the Look: Gigi Hadid at the AMAs

The festive season is here and I'm sure we've all got some sort of Christmas event to go to, and if not then simply dressing up for this time of year is just a whole lot of fun. Festive makeup is always very exciting and actually quite unpredictable unlike other seasonal makeup trends. I mean, I think we can all agree that shimmering eyes, glowing cheeks, and red lips are seen everywhere this time of year, but the ways in which people include them into their creations are very diverse. For example, the blending of multi tonal shimmering eyeshadows; the decision of whether to go strong with contour, blush, or highlighter; and choosing one of the many shades of red lipsticks or wearing a different colour completely means that we can create different festive looks every time. Due to the countless choices, inspiration can often be very helpful and since the American Music Awards was on recently, it would only make sense to take inspiration from the event that goes big when it comes to beauty. The AMAs showcased many glamorous makeup looks that are definitely suitable for this time of year and can be easily recreated using drugstore makeup.

I'm going to do a step by step break down of the look that model, Gigi Hadid, wore to the AMAs 2016. I've decided to choose this particular look as, not only has it caught everyone's attention and been posted on the Instagram feed of every beauty guru, it's also surprisingly wearable for festive events and all the products that were used are by the drugstore brand Maybelline. I've decided not to include base makeup (primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder, etc.) because the performance of those products are dependent on everyone's unique skin type and coverage preferences.

Gigi Hadid, of course hosted the AMAs this year and the moment the first picture of her was taken, social media has been obsessed with this look. Is it just me or do we all think see looks like some sort of fairy queen from another world? That glow is enchanting! 

Here's how to recreate the look:


Contour: It's clear to see that Gigi's face is sculpted to perfection. The contour game is hella strong, so seriously don't be afraid to really carve out those cheekbones. Use Maybelline's Master Contour V Sticks for perfect precision and seamless blending (ain't nothing cute about streaky, stripy contour). Also, I believe this is the exact product that was used on Gigi according to Maybelline's social media posts.

Highlighter: Though the contour was strong Gigi's makeup artist did not hold back on the stellar highlight. To get this angelic strobe effect use Maybelline's master strobe stick and sweep it onto all the high points of the face for a natural 'lit from within' glow. You could also go even more intense by setting this cream highlighter with a powder one such as Makeup Revolution's Strobe Highlighter in Ever Glow Lights for a truly popping highlight (that may blind the people around you...just sayin').


Eyeshadow: In my opinion, Gigi's eyeshadow really made the look. The colour pallete tied into the look really well as it was warm yet still rosy, which shows that rose gold is still as stunning as ever and has regained its popularity through makeup (I finally understand the hype around the Huda Beauty eyeshadow palletes!). To create this eyeshadow look, you can turn to Maybelline's Blushed Nudes Pallete (also the pallete that was used on Gigi, so really who needs those extremely expensive Huda palletes?). I'm not aware of the exact eyeshadows that were used on Gigi but the first one on the bottom row (perhaps a soft, rosy bronze) appears to be the most dominant colour on her eyes and seems to be worn with a shimmering light gold and a matte smoky brown which can also be found in the pallete. Pat a shimmering gold shade onto the eyelid, place a matte brown shade into the crease, and apply the bronze shade onto the outer corner smoking it up and out and smudging it across the lower lash line. Spend time blending the eyeshadows together to get that soft, smoky, alluring eye look.

Mascara: The eyelashes in this look are not at all dramatic, they're soft and fluffy so a good mascara should do perfectly. If you haven't already, try Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara which does exactly this making the lashes so damn fluttery. This famous mascara is still being hyped about and they've also made a new one which contains argan oil for the days you want to go for an even softer lash look while also nourishing your lashes. If you do however want a slightly more dramatic lash look without wearing false lashes, using Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara will give you huge, voluminous lashes that will not fail to stand out.


Lipstick: The colour of Gigi's lipstick is what makes this look so different to everything else we've been seeing throughout the year. The bright coral colour is typically a summer colour but this summer we only really saw shades of nude and pale pinks (thanks to Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits and Huda Beauty's lip contours), so this lipstick choice was definitely refreshing especially at this time of year (suppose it could maybe pass as a shade of red?). Gigi wore Maybelline's Colour Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in All Fired Up mixed with their Colour Sensational Loaded Bold Lipstick in Orange Danger. These two combined obviously give a bold colour pay off. But if you prefer a softer coral, go for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp. If like me, however, you feel that the coral colour just isn't for you (why do I look like clown?) then you can take inspiration from the orangey tones of the lip colour and wear something a few shades darker, like an orange toned brown or dark red. One of my all-time favourite lipsticks is the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Oud Obsession, it's the perfect balance of orange, brown, and red. Think colours that are often associated to ginger, cinnamon, and other spices, it's a gorgeous combination of those, which is well suited to the festive season.

Edited by Jenine Tudtud