Get the Look: Emma Watson's Belle

Disney's live-action 'Beauty and the Beast,' we must've all watched it by now, right? And if you haven't, add it to your list now! The beauty contained within each frame of the film is breathtaking, I'm sure we'll all agree. But let's talk about Belle's look. Everything from her hair to the movement of her dress was enchanting, especially the English Rose style makeup look which was very natural looking yet breathtakingly radiant. So if you'd like to recreate this soft, rosy, Belle inspired makeup look then keep reading because we've done a beauty breakdown for you. Also, this look is PERFECT for Spring/Summer. Face Illuminator: After priming your skin use a cream or liquid illuminator all over the face and apply your foundation on top of it. We highly recommend Mac's Strobe Cream for a dreamy, pearlescent sheen. This will give a soft focus effect and Emma Watson's enviable 'lit from within' glow which is subtle yet hella angelic. Contour: The contour is not at all strong here, it's just enough to make the cheekbones appear naturally chiseled but nothing over the top. Use Maybelline's Master Contour V Stick to carefully carve out your cheekbones and wherever else you'd like to contour, and really blend out the creamy formula for a seamless shadow. Bronzer: After contouring, if you feel as if you want a little more warmth in the face like Emma Watson, lightly apply a powder bronzer like the Benefit Hoola Bronzer with a soft kabuki brush. It's not meant to look too sun-kissed but rather add a little more dimension to the face. Blusher: This step makes the look as blush will instantly give you Belle's rosy freshness and brightness. We recommend using the oh so pretty and very fitting Milani Rose Powder Blush. There are many rose inspired shades to choose from that mimic the pink flush on Emma Watson's cheeks, including 'Romantic Rose', 'Bella Roses' (was that shade made for this look or what?), 'Tea Rose', and 'Awakening Rose'. No matter what your skin tone is, you're bound to find the perfect shade of rose for you. Highlight: Although we've already used an illuminator you can choose to slightly enhance that glow with a powder highlighter. We think the Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo by Too Faced is fitting for this look because...well, because of Lumiere. This highlighter looks very much like skin so don't worry about your glow being too intense, it will be just enough to make your skin look radiant in a well lit room (like when Belle walks into the ballroom!) and obviously in the sun. Eyes Eyeshadow: Emma Watson had very little eyeshadow on in the film but a soft, warm, matte brown hue is visible in most shots. For this you can use any eyeshadow palette of your choice since most palettes tend to have this shade. If you want a colour that's exactly the same, however, we think the shades 'Cobbler' and 'Puree' from the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette are pretty close matches to create that mesmerizing, warm shading. If you don't want to spend so much on the Sweet Peach Palette I Heart Makeup have a good peach palette dupe which is MUCH cheaper and has very similar colours. Eyeliner: Eyeliner is only used in this look to tight line the eyes in order to make the lashes appear fuller. Use a black or brown pencil liner to line your upper lash line, and use a brown liner to darken your lower lash line and very slightly smudge the product to ensure that there are no harsh lines as the eyeliner is almost undetectable on Belle. A good black eyeliner for this would be Rimmel's Scandal'Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner simply in 'Black', and a good brown eyeliner would be Rimmel's Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in 'Rich Brown' which also has a sponge tip on the other end of the pencil to help get that soft smokey effect. Mascara: Belle's eyelashes in the 'Beauty and the Beast' animation are incredibly fluttery but in the live-action version Emma Watson had very little on her lashes making the eye look incredibly natural overall. Her lashes, however, were still well curled and defined making them appear longer and more voluminous. So, after curling your lashes a couple of times with an eyelash curler lightly coat them with a mascara. We'd recommend Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara because it has a small brush and a clump free formula so you can control how much product goes onto your lashes (start off with very little product on the brush and dip in again if you need to). Carefully work the brush and formula through the lashes making them as defined and as separated as possible for that 'born with it' flutter. Lips Lipstick: This is the bit where the whole look is tied together with a bow. In some shots, Emma Watson seems to be wearing a natural pink lip colour and in other shots the lip colour is clearly much more of a rosy pink so you can pretty much play around with different pink hues to see which you'd prefer. A good brand for rose inspired lipsticks is Bobbi Brown and we'd recommend the Art Stick Liquid Lip in 'English Rose' and the Creamy Lip Colour in 'Italian Rose'. Since we're going all fairy tale for a natural pink tone why not try the Lipstick Queen colour-changing lipstick in 'Frog Prince'? The vivid green lipstick 'transforms' (not only like the frog but also like the Beast) into your a shade of pink depending on your skin's pH, magical right?

Edited by Jenine Tudtud Sources: