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Get the Look Christmas Edition: Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty GLOW

Breaking news: Kim K has just launched her second batch of KKW Beauty products: the Ultralight Beams highlighters and lip glosses! The classic holiday makeup always consists of a festive red lip and ‘just bitten’ rosy cheeks, but we can understand that such a bold look isn’t for everyone. But don’t worry because Kim, who is known for her glamorous but neutral make-up, has you covered.

In the promo photoshoot she can be seen with a flawless, glowy base, gilded gold eyelids, and a shimmery nude gloss, which is perfect for when you want to look Christmas party ready while staying clear of the more obvious colours. Of course, the KKW products are hella expensive and hard to get hold of, which is why we’re going to show you how to get the look using products that can be found during those last-minute trips to the drugstore just hours before the event.



Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters, £6 each

Illuminator: After moisturizing/priming the skin, mix a couple of drops of Makeup Revolution’s Liquid Highlighter in either the colour ‘Champagne’ or ‘Luminous Gold’ (whichever you feel best compliments your skin tone) to your foundation of choice. This will give you Kim’s celestial glow. Follow this step with your usual base make-up routine i.e. apply your concealer, powder, setting spray, etc.


Sleek Highlighting Palette in ‘Cleopatra’s Kiss’, £9.99

Highlighter: Go for a killer Kim K contour and after it’s seamlessly blended in, we can move onto making the skin pop even more. Take a look at Sleek’s Highlighting Palette in ‘Cleopatra’s Kiss’ and choose a couple of shades to use. This palette is gorgeous because all the shades are warm but still pearlescent to give you that otherworldly, golden goddess sheen.

Apply the shades to all the high points of the face, particularly focusing on the tip of the nose which stands out the most in Kim’s pictures. At this point, your face will be twinkling more than the Christmas tinsel.



Nyx Lid Lingerie Eye Tints, £6 each

Eyeshadow: To get the gilded gold eyelids, use Nyx’s Lid Lingerie in either the shade ‘Nude To Me’ (a light gold) or ‘Gold Standard’ (a vibrant gold) all over the lids. 


Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in ‘Gold Addict’, £3

To intensify the colour and set it in place, dust Makeup Revolution’s Strobe Highlighter in ‘Gold Addict’ (a true gold) over the top to resemble the shimmering, metallic gold in the picture.  Finally, go ahead and apply a generous helping of mascara or a pair of fluffy lashes. At this point your eyes  should look more lit than the Christmas lights.



Jouer Cosmetics Long-Wear Lip Toppers, £15

Lip Gloss: Jouer Cosmetics’ Long-Wear Lip Toppers in ‘Tan Lines’ (a rich gold) and Skinny Dip (a champagne nude) are good substitutes for the KKW Beauty Ultralight Beams Lip Glosses. Apply one of these shades over your favourite nude lipstick for the trendiest Christmas lip look ever. Now your make-up should look so good, you can outshine the star on top of the Christmas tree!


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