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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

With the first daunting week of university drawing to a close, everybody had high hopes for the Fresher’s Finale event. With the expense of £28 (a lot of money compared to the other £5 events throughout the week), group chats were full of people trying to sell or buy last-minute cheap tickets. Despite many students therefore heading to somewhere cheaper, the night was actually a success.

The opening act Blonde warmed everybody up with club hits and remixes of the classics (with of course some Justin Bieber and Drake mixed in there). This fairly recent duo were helped out by some dancing silver suits with disco balls on their heads (hard to imagine, I know).

There was a somewhat prolonged wait for Fuse ODG but after a couple more hours of classic tunes, he finally came on to the stage. He brought not only some great dance moves to the party, but a DJ who tuned him in and out, allowing the audiences’ out-of-pitch screams to the song ‘Antenna’ to be heard. With his upbeat dancing, songs and shouts for audience claps and arms in the air, what started out as a quieter night took a new turn. Not only were there mosh pits, but everyone started singing along in unison, really bringing students together for the first time during the night.

Once the show was over, we all headed back home or to McDonald’s for a quick snack – myself of course opting for the latter. So overall, the night was a success, despite many deciding to sell tickets (you missed out!).

Edited by: Sarah Holmes