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Five Female-Led Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Like most of Gen Z, Instagram is a major part of our daily routine. Whether you use it to promote your own brand, share memories with friends, or as a release from university work (I certainly am guilty of this) – here are five accounts to add a little bit of joy to your feed. 


Unbothered – @r29unbothered

Bio: ‘Made for and by Black millennial women, celebrating the beauty, strength and power in our community’.

Sharing self-care tips, inspirational quotes and the empowerment of Black lives through a focus on African American celebrities, musicians and influencers like H.E.R, Alicia Keys LaTosha Brown. This account praises the women who have helped raise awareness of political issues, for example ‘These Women Helped Turn Georgia Blue’ (3rd February), whilst also sharing articles to promote racial injustices and stigma like ‘Black People Are More Likely To Be Sectioned & I Have Been, Twice’ by @jessicanoahmorgan.


The Female Lead – @the_female_lead

Bio: ‘Official account for the Educational Charity The Female Lead. Showing How Women Shape The World’.

Highlighting the importance of female equality, whilst attacking gender stereotypes in society, the workplace and the home, aiming to set better precedence for the future women of the world. @thefemalelead posts gentle reminders for its followers, on finding love in your forties, being a powerful woman in a business dominated by men, and the reality of Instagram pictures. The account reposts an array of advice by female leaders and businesswomen to those around them, my favourite being Nike Adeyemi, tweeting ‘I want women to know their worth’. 


Girlboss – @girlboss

Bio: ‘For the ambitious’.

This career-advice centred account shares daily quotes and work-life tips, as well as having their own job board, for ‘dream jobs at dream companies’ with the aim of match-making women with their ideal future careers. It posts popular TikTok’s which display the issues women face in the workplace, as well as highlighting and supporting small businesses run by women during the pandemic. One of their most recent initiatives was the 28 Days Black History Month Challenge (which began in February, with the help of @inclusionpacked) with the aim of education and promoting allyship every day during Black History Month.


HighlightHER – @highlighther

Bio: ‘This is everything you need to see HER do in sports and culture’.

One of my most recent follows, this account emphasises the work of female athletes, sharing their successes in order to ‘highlight’ the previous, current or future competitive athletes of the USA. During the recent Super Bowl, the account focused on six women who will have on-field roles, celebrating the increased inclusion of women in such a stigmatised event. This active account also shares record-breaking news, like Sago and Schroeder being the first two women to officiate the same NBA game, or when Amanda Gorman became the youngest known inaugural poet in American history at 22.  


Feminist Voice – @feministvoice

Bio: ‘Uplifting and empowering women since ‘95’.

One of the smaller accounts (still boasting over 448,000 followers), @feministvoice shares images of socio-political issues like immigration, homophobia, racism and gender stereotyping. The account regularly posts global news updates, as well as self-care and manifestation images which are really powerful, and often used as background images for their followers. As a popular advice column, @feministvoice shares popular tweets and images from global events as well as practical guides to shaping 2021 for change, for example. 


Even if you do not choose to follow these accounts, I really recommend checking them out, as they are all hugely informative, as well as capable of bringing a smile to your face – even on the toughest days.

Hannah Sutton

Nottingham '22

20 - Editor in Chief @ Nottingham
Jess Smith

Nottingham '21

2020/2021 Editor-in-Chief for HerCampus Nottingham. Aspiring Journalist, with a lot of love for all things bookish. Final Year Sociology student, with a primary interest in Gender Studies, Film Analysis & Mental Health!