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A Few Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Read More

Over lockdown, I tried to make it my mission almost, to read more. I set myself a goal at the beginning of this year to read 50 books by the time 2021 comes around and due to the circumstances of lockdown, I’ve actually already surpassed that goal (woo!). So, I thought today I’d just share a few tips and tricks on how I (enjoyably) forced myself into reading more. 

1. Nice and Easy Reads are the Best Place to Start! 

Getting back into reading after a really long slump can be very difficult, and the way in which I tried to pick myself back up was firstly reading super easy books with clear and easy narratives, fun storylines and maybe even a favourite book of yours from the past. The first book I read this year was the Call Me By Your Name sequel ‘Find Me’, which was a story I knew I was going to love because it was associated with a story I deeply enjoyed. Reading nice and easy books at first can be such an encouraging way of reminding yourself why you love reading in the first place!

2. Reading Multiple Books at the Same Time… 

Although I know some people detest the idea of reading multiple books at the same time, I find it so encouraging and makes me less likely to fall into reading slumps. I often try to read a fiction and non-fiction book at the same time, but it’s super easily done when reading books of different genres. It takes the pressure off having to enjoy this one book your reading and convincing yourself that you can’t read another book until you finish this one. 

3. Bring a Book EVERYWHERE

Always having a book in your bag is one of the best tips someone’s ever given me. It’s so easy to just go on your phone when you’re travelling, waiting for your coffee in a shop or sitting around waiting for a friend to arrive, but attempting to change that habit and grabbing a book during times like that rather than aimlessly scrolling through Twitter for the millionth time that day can have such an impact on how often you read. Plus, being in traffic when on public transport is very easily saved by a book in your bag.

4. Reading Before Bed

I appreciate that for many of us, reading before bed can be a little bit impossible due to the inevitable fact that we all fall asleep with something playing in the background via YouTube or Netflix, however, attempting to incorporate reading a couple of chapters before going to bed at night can make you fly through books (and is often a great way of falling in love with a book to the point where you can’t put it down and end up staying up until 2am reading). When at University, this is usually where my reading time is pre-set, unless we’re going out that night, of course, but COVID-19 has definitely limited that this year, to my benefit.

5. Audiobooks!!

I know for many people the biggest thing they struggle with in regards to reading, is actually picking up the book and finding the motivation to actually read. Audiobooks are amazing for people who are often on the move and maybe don’t have time to sit down and fully invest in a book. Whilst audiobooks aren’t the easiest things for me (I lose focus auditory so easily), they really do go a long way. I would really recommend audiobooks for people trying to read more or maybe trying to incorporate reading into their day-to-day lives. 

Hopefully, this encourages someone to pick up a book soon and fall (back) in love with reading the same way I have this year! 

Jess Smith

Nottingham '21

2020/2021 Editor-in-Chief for HerCampus Nottingham. Aspiring Journalist, with a lot of love for all things bookish. Final Year Sociology student, with a primary interest in Gender Studies, Film Analysis & Mental Health!
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