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With deadlines looming and the end of the term in sight, I haven’t had the time or the energy to start a new series or sit and watch a gripping and engaging film. Instead, I’ve slipped back to my old favourites to take my mind off work and give my brain a much-needed break. Here are five of my favourites that I’ve watched recently:


1. Mamma Mia: It goes without saying that Mamma Mia is one of the most feel-good movies out there. The continuous ABBA classics sang by mediocre actors, the comedic undertones of the film, along with the glorious setting all give this film the feel-good factor. It's so easy to watch because, if like me you’ve seen it hundreds of times, you only need to be half-engaged in the plot and you can still follow the film and have a good singalong. Mamma Mia is currently available on Netflix.

2. Moana: When Moana first came out, I was dubious as to what the hype was all about. However, when I first watched it in lockdown 1, it soon became one of my favourite Disney films! The story of Moana and her quest to find Maui and restore her island is refreshing for Disney as there are no love interests and Moana truly replicates a strong, independent woman. What’s more, with the cast including Dwayne Johnson and more upbeat songs – what’s not to love! Moana is available to watch on Disney Plus.

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding: I watched this film very recently for the first time in forever and had forgotten how much I loved it. Although this is the only film where I dislike the character Julia Roberts played, the storyline is entertaining and fun with Rupert Everett giving a 10/10 performance as George. His rendition of ‘say a little prayer’ is iconic. Julia Roberts looks flawless in this film as always and it also stars Cameron Diaz and Dermot Mulroney (who is rather easy on the eye himself). All in all, this is a 90s classic that everyone should watch at least once! You can watch My Best Friend’s Wedding on Netflix.

4. Moulin Rouge: Although the plot doesn’t necessarily have the happiest of endings, the whacky nature of Moulin Rouge provides a certain aspect of escapism that can take the mind off any work worries. Again, the seeming recurring musical theme of this article persists and the mashups and recreations of famous songs make this film seem even crazier. My personal favourites include the ‘elephant love medley’ and ‘like a virgin’. Moulin Rouge is another classic that should be on everyone’s list. It is available in the ‘STAR’ section of Disney plus.

5. Taylor Swift – Long Pond Sessions: This isn’t really a film, but it sticks with the musical theme this article seems to have taken and after her big win at the BRITs last week, the icon that is Taylor Swift can be an exception. The Long Pond Sessions sees Taylor perform all the songs off her album ‘Folklore’ which she created during the first lockdown, at Long Pond Studios. You can tell the difference between the way she performs her songs here compared to her album which is a refreshing yet subtle distinction, and it's also really interesting to listen to her talk about each song in conversation with Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner before she performs it. Whether you’re a swiftie or not this documentary is easygoing and peaceful so is definitely worth the watch or even just listen! It is available on Disney Plus. 

Hattie Gomme

Nottingham '21

20, UoN
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