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The most wonderful time of the year…is over. The mince pies are nothing more than a sprinkling of crumbs, the mulled wine river has run dry and our Christmas trees are wilting in the gutter. After all this festive cheer has evaporated and the dawning of deadlines beckons, all we really want to do is hibernate. So here is some of the snuggliest, cosiest nightwear to cuddle up in when we all start hitting the books (or at least pretending to).

The ultimate in revision-chic is the onesie; the lazy man’s staple which many have already invested in (and have even started wearing them outside). Onesies come in many shapes, sizes and prices – if you’re willing to splash the remainder of your Christmas cash  you may want to invest in a designer onesie from OnePiece; at 30% off, the usual £100 onesie has now been reduced to £69. If, like me, you are now skint until student loan day, Missguided offers a ‘sweet deal’ on plain onesies for £15. Onesies, however, also double up as novel fancy dress costumes, useful for all of us students. Boohoo has a range of novelty onesies, a personal favourite being the Minnie onesie with mouse ears as a hood. There’s even a onesie for your inner 90’s kid; eBay, along with a range of other sellers, offers Pokémon onesies, ranging from Pikachu, to Charmander for prices as low as £9.99. 

The New Year is always a good time to invest in a nice new set of pyjamas. There’s a real variety in pyjamas for women these days, from the slovenly to the sexy. If you’re a ‘throw-it-on-and-snuggle-up’ type of girl, then try this cutesy night shirt from Topshop, which is slightly overlong at the back to preserve your modesty. If you’d rather have a cute set, however, then try this flower blossom pair in the sale at New Look at £5 – bargain! 

Kimonos are coming back in a big way this year; sleek and chic, they will keep you warm in these winter months without absolutely smothering you in the summer. H&M offers a short black kimono at £14.99, but Asos provides us with a funkier alternative with a cosmic patterning

Then there’s the slightly more provocative nightwear we must consider – you may not be able to do your revision comfortably in a baby doll, but they certainly make a change from slobbing out in a onesie.  This H&M online exclusive with lace patterning is sexy without being tacky, and at £13 you can’t really go wrong. If you still want to up the raunchiness in the bedroom , then try this classic style slip from Asos  – with thick padding in the bra cups, the slip boosts your shape and accentuates your natural curves, whilst the suspenders add an extra element of sexiness that can be appreciated  to whomever you may wish to show this to. So if you feel you should reward yourself after a long day of revision in your jammies, you may be in the mood to call up that special someone at night and ‘give them the slip’!


Edited by Luisa Parnell

I am a third year (eek!) English student at the University of Nottingham. When I'm not blogging from behind my laptop, you will find me reading, writing and being your general English Lit student.
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