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Fashion Blog: Caped Crusaders

Capes are no longer attire exclusively adorned by superheroes; they are dramatically sweeping their way onto the high street as a brave and cosy alternative to a jumper and jacket combo. Capes this season have been teamed with some of the most wearable prints, so for all of you who are considering an investment with what is looking like this winter’s fashion staple, here are some of our favourites from the high-street and online.

This grungy ASOS offering harks back to the festival season of days gone by. Its customisability allows the wearer to adjust it to their height, whilst the thickness of the material means it can be worn on its own as a jumper, or under a coat. And, with a discount code allowing 30% off, it’s a purchase you can afford to make.


River Island’s cape ticks two fashion boxes for its tartan print, another wearable winter feature. It’s an ideal cover up for those who had one too many Jaegarbombs the night before and therefore aren’t feeling their usual fashion forward selves. Its fur collar will also keep you toasty against Nottingham’s cold snaps.


Another hot print for this cold weather is houndstooth; monochrome is back with a vengeance in a stark contrast with the colourful prints that we saw for this summer. This black and white New Look cape is bang on this trend, and, for only £19.99, is one of the cheapest capes you can find on the high-street right now.


This Topshop cape, however, is well worth its slightly heftier price tag. Its light brown check is not unlike Burberry’s iconic print, which would deceive even the most dedicated label lovers. Because of its similarity to a Burberry garment, it could be considered a smarter sort of cape, as it prevents any outfit from looking too shabby.


But if big capes and ponchos aren’t really your style, or you are one of the brave among us, Topshop offers an alternative sort of cape that you might like to try. A slightly more formal option, which can be worn as an adornment to brighten up even the dullest little black dresses, this is really more a statement scarf. Only a true hero can pull a cape like this off!

Edited by Sam Carey

I am a third year (eek!) English student at the University of Nottingham. When I'm not blogging from behind my laptop, you will find me reading, writing and being your general English Lit student.
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