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Emma Connor: SU President Candidate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

We caught up with Derby-based presidential candidate Emma who was cool enough to let us tag along with her campaign team to the Sutton Bonington Farmer’s Market this week. Let’s see how well this  Medical Physiology and Therapeutics (MPT) student has #gotyoucovered…What are you key manifesto points?

I’ve picked three most important ones: looking at the food options, setting up a Jubilee committee and also celebrating our successes. First of all, the food across all of the campuses is just not good, there are just so many issues with the food provisions. For example, my friend on Jubilee doesn’t like mayonnaise and there’s one sandwich option for her, it’s adequate considering how important it is that we are eating enough and the right kinds of food for our studies and to feel good. So a Jubilee committee would deal with this campus being slightly overlooked; I want to extend events to jubilee, if we set up a body there we would have a team that could push for more collaboration. Finally, we don’t hear enough about the amazing students we have at Nottingham and some of the incredible things they do. I really want to make our successes more visible and celebrate our students more so they can get the recognition they deserve.

What do you feel the most challenging policies to implement are going to be?

I’ve done my best to make sure that most of my policies are achievable and realistic, both in the short and long term. Obviously I’ll only be in office for a year if I were to be elected, but if you get the ball rolling it’ll be okay. A few of my points I’m carrying on from Angharad, she’s made great progress with the Derby hopper bus situation: being from their myself, I know it’s a nightmare. Lobbying estates to change the budget realistically won’t happen straight away but I hope to make steps towards it.


What can we expect from your campaigning strategy this week and next, Emma?

Unfortunately I will have to be in Derby for labs and meetings for my dissertation, but my symbol is a little umbrella and my slogan is #gotyourcovered, so just expect to see a lot of green (Emma has a true to life green umbrella with her for the trip) and a friendly face. I’ll be around as much as I can and I’m excited to speak to as many people as I can.

What do you know about your competitors?

I did week one with Mary, she’s great, really lovely; she’s also captain of Hockey so that’s quite a big deal. I haven’t actually had the chance to meet many of the others as yet, I know they all do some really amazing things for the SU. That’s the thing this year, its going to be some tough competition because everyone has really strong campaigns and experiences behind them.


Anything else?

I guess I just want to make sure I reach and include as many people as possible the next few weeks!



Farmers… animals

Bus… books? (Emma is rendered confused by interviewer’s dulcet midlands twang) Bus! Oh, pain in the neck

Green… my favourite colour and trees

President… me hopefully!

Derby… lovely hospital

Elections… scary but exciting

Very on point Emma!

Have you got any nicknames?

I use Kiwi a lot because I was born in New Zealand!


Where can we find you on a Friday night?

Ocean! I probably shouldn’t be saying this but I didn’t miss one last term!


What’s your go to hangover cure?

Lots of water, avocado on toast for breakfast- it sets you up for a good day. And barroca, other brands are available…

What was the last text you received?

Oh god. It actually was from the blood donation reminding me that I need to head back and give some more! To be honest I don’t really text anymore!

Whereabout would you play hide and seek on campus?

Probably inside marketing. Not many people know about it but I’ve got a job with them so I know my way around!


Thanks Emma!

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