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Emily Mills: SU Activities Officer Candidate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Emily Mills: SU Activities Officer Candidate 

Her Campus Nottingham met up with 3rd year Sociology student Emily Mills, who is running to be Activities Officer. She is a member of the Sociology Society, and Snowsports and is also a member of the SU Events Team and Grad Ball Committee. 

What made you put yourself forward for the role of Activities?

In first year when I was Activities Rep for Derby Hall an Activities candidate came round and spoke to me about their manifesto and the SU elections. Since then I have always known I have wanted to run for Activities! I feel it’s this passion I have to be Activities Officer that will make me successful if elected.

Why do you think the role of the Activities Officer is so important?

Officially the Activities Officer is there to represent all the amazing societies and student run services at Nottingham. I feel like the role is more than this, its about providing students with an unforgettable experience at university by offering them as many chances as possible to get involved with the 200+ societies. For me it’s about providing easy ways to ‘get busy’, working around students timetables so they are not left out due to course commitments.

What relevant experience do you have that you can bring to the role?

I have been involved with the SU since first year, I was Activities Rep for my hall, and then became WeekOne Rep. Last year I got elected onto the Societies Council Committee as Events Rep, this has really helped me understand the issues that face the different societies here at Nottingham. Finally this year I was selected to be on both the SU Events Team and also Graduation Ball Committee.  All of these experiences have allowed me to hone my skills and knowledge of the SU, and feel they will make me the ideal candidate for the role of Activities.

What’s the best part of your manifesto/ your favourite part of your manifesto?

My favourite and I feel best part of my manifesto is surrounding the implementation of a ‘Welfare in Societies’ scheme. I feel this is such an important issue that needs to be tackled within societies. This idea came about due to the great successes seen by the ‘Welfare in Sports’ initiative.

What part of your manifesto do you think will be the most difficult to implement?

Probably some aspects to do with the ‘Welfare in Societies’ – it is imperative to understand that not all societies are the same, therefore there cannot be a one size fits all welfare scheme. I intend to look at all soceities within their groupings (eg. Hobbies and interests, faith based etc) and see what they feel will be most beneficial to their committee and members. This scheme will aim to increase awareness of mental health difficulties, and stress how important joining societies and student run services is for maintaining not only a work life balance but also mental health. It will also aim to provide all societies with the information of university support services, and how to utilise them if needs be. This is definitely a big project but if elected I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into it!

What should we be looking out for during campaign week? Slogans, branding?

Look out for lots of yellow, bees and #getbusywithit

Anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

Check out my campaign video for a fun and quick run down of my manifesto points! And don’t forget to #GetBusy and VOTE!



Ocean- yay or nay? Definitely

VKs or Jagerbombs? VK all day everyday

Pizza or pasta? Oh pasta

Cats or dogs? Cats

If you were to go on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be? Neighbours (tragic I know)

What would your dream job be? Events Planner

Hallward or George Green? George Green although can’t say I really spend too much time there – oops

Gandalf or Dumbledore? Dumbledore

McDonalds or KFC? KFC