Dina EK: SU Community Officer Candidate

Meet Dina, third year International Media & Communications student and theatre enthusiast running to be your Community Officer!

Hi Dina. What made you put yourself forward for the role of Community?

I felt like a lot of students don't really know what the SU is and what it can do for them, or that they don't feel like it represents them. I wanted to make sure I was giving a voice to students who don't feel represented by the SU. That way they'll be more likely to be engaged in university life and be able to influence the changes they want to see happen.

Why do you think the role of the Community Officer is so important?

Community is one of the roles that will have an impact on every student, whether or not they're involved in societies, sports, or other extra curricular activities. I want to ensure people are aware of that when they vote for the elections.

What relevant experience do you have that you can bring to the role?

I'm currently on the Graduation Ball committee so I'm familiar with working with the SU. I'll also have experience working in the local community as I’m in involved in a project with a local charity that provides supported housing for the homeless community in Nottingham.

What’s part of your manifesto do you feel most passionately about?

Supporting sexual assault victims. It's the priority right now and I refuse to leave the issue unaddressed. People are too scared to talk about it and I want to make sure they can because the more it's okay to talk, the more victims will feel more empowered to speak up. It's time to put shaming victims behind us, it's the 21st century after all.

What part of your manifesto do you think will be the most difficult to implement?

Probably keeping hall prices fixed, but I'll still push for it regardless.

What should we be looking out for during campaign week? Slogans, branding?

Bright yellow balloons & cupcakes! We’re also really proud of our night time Bright4TheNight campaign.

Anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

Please use your vote! You have one and it really can make a positive impact so why not?



Ocean- yay or nay?

Always yay

VKs or Jagerbombs?

Tough one but I'm going to have to go for VKs. #HaveaVK #VoteforEK

Pizza or pasta?

Pizza, but I'm happy with either

Cats or dogs?


If you were to go on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be?

Martin Scorsese films

What would your dream job be?

Community Officer!

Hallward or George Green?

George Green

Gandalf or Dumbledore?


McDonalds or KFC?


Thanks for chatting to us!