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Let’s be honest, one of the best things about Christmas has got to be the food.


Mince pies, Baileys hot chocolate and the classic Christmas dinner… what’s not to love? And luckily, every year there are even more alternatives for vegans to enjoy the festive classics, so we really have no excuse not to join in on the Christmas celebrations…


Notts Christmas market

There is no better festive pastime than having a wander around Old Market Square at this time of year, and it’s the perfect place to go if you are feeling a bit peckish too.

Something savoury: This year “Filthy Vegans’ have a stall delivering the most realistic chicken kebabs I’ve ever tried, made with seitan and served with pitta, salad and sauces.

Something sweet: The churros are vegan friendly and the perfect dessert.

Something festive: Roasted chestnuts are a Christmas tradition, and since they are only available at this time of year, you may as well make the most of them before they go!

Something to drink: While the hot chocolate is sadly off limits, there is nothing more comforting than a glass of mulled wine to warm your hands as you walk around the stalls. 


Restaurants and cafes

Now’s the time menus are jazzing things up with the addition of some fun seasonal twists.

Something savoury: While I love Notts independent restaurants, the festive menu in Pizza Express is hard to beat. Vegans can have a three-course meal of rosemary and chutney bread to start, a vegan pizza with roasted potatoes and veggies for the main and a mince pie to finish.

Something sweet: If you want to be extra fancy, hit up Pudding Pantry for their festive vegan afternoon tea, or go to their Vegan Night events, which will be sure to deliver some Christmassy desserts!

Something festive: Pieminister have a vegan Christmas themed pie which comes with all the trimmings you would expect.

Something to drink: Bird and Blend is my favourite tea place in Nottingham and with drinks like the Snowball latte, or Fairytale of New York tea, it is living up to my great expectations this season.  



Even supermarket shelves are delivering the goods for if you want to cook up some cosy food for a house Christmas dinner (or just for yourself!)

Something savoury: If you need to buy a lunch on the go, try M&S’s Christmas Chestnut Roast Wrap which is full of Christmas flavours that we all know and love.

Something sweet: ASDA mince pies are all fully vegan, and at only 87p for a pack of 6 they are literally impossible to say no to.

Something festive: the new ‘No Pork Pigs in Blankets’ from M&S is a twist on this classic, and Tesco also have vegan meatless sausages wrapped in vegan pastry which should be just as good as the real thing.

Something to drink: Buy your own almond milk Baileys and Bournville Cocoa powder to make your own hot chocolate in your house. If you want to be extra indulgent, top it off with some coconut cream and you’re ready to begin your Christmas movie binge.

Katy Skillen

Nottingham '22

Hi, I'm a second year nutrition and dietetic student at Uni of Notts, interested in healthy eating and living, body positivity and all things food-related!
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