Defying Convetional Fashion: Roisin

Meet Roisin, whose unique and quirky fashion goes far beyond a basic bomber jacket and Addidas superstars. She talks to us about her individual style and why you shouldn’t care about what people think.   

Talk us through your day to day look. What is it that characterizes your style?

My day to day look for lectures etc would be either black jeans or a skirt with a band T with, my black denim or Leather jacket and of course my docs. I have a studded belt and I wear a lot of red, black or purple lipstick with heavy eyeliner – this is a must, my face would feel naked without it haha! And if I’m feeling girly I’ll wear one of my vintage dresses.  I think It’s either my shoes or makeup that really characterise my look the most. Everybody always associates me with Doc Martin’s and striking make-up aha!

What originally motivated and inspired your look?

Hmmm a combination of my music taste and my mum I think! I love metal, rock and dark eighties. I was raised by parents who love that genre of music and grew up with pictures of my mum looking like a new romantic/ trad goth and I wanted to follow that. I love how the music makes me feel and my clothes emphasise that feeling. I also take a lot of inspiration from Dita Von Tease – her fashion is just amazing!

Your fashion is very unique and completely different to many popular styles we see today. Does it bother you if people were to find your style unconventional and eccentric?

Honestly no. I'm a big believer in individuality and if people don't like it or think it's strange that's their problem not mine. I'm happy in what I'm wearing. Fashion is personal and you shouldn’t let anyone’s opinions persuade you otherwise. This is uni, it’s the ideal opportunity to express yourself.  

Why are you pro thrift shop?

Haha because I'm a student and have no money! But that's not just it, I think you can find some amazing Gems in charity shops without breaking the bank. Also I myself am not great at DIY, but for thrift purchasing is a great opportunity to customise your clothes without spending a fortune.

You incorporate a lot of vintage and throwback street styles into your look particularly from the 80’s and 90’s. If you could introduce one fashion throwback to the high-street what would it be and why?

I do love my vintage 80's (thank you mother for keeping all her old clothes!). Oh wow it would be the winckle pikers from the 1950’s and the big styled hair do’s!! Need those shoes in my life and they're so hard to find now!! Unfortunately, I rarely have time to style my hair in the morning either – too many 9:00 am’s!

What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

Hmmmmm can I have two? My knee high silver plated 6 inch platforms and my mother’s blood red velvet pencil skirt

Great! Thank you for sharing your fashion quirks with us today and we hope you have inspired people to embrace their own style.

Edited by Susan Akyeampong