Crocus Cafe: The Cheap Non-Profit Vegan Cafe


Over the past couple of years, vegetarianism and veganism have become more and more popular. According to the Vegan Society, there were 2.2m Brits living on a veggie diet in 2016, and that figure has risen to 3.5m in 2018. Naturally, that means there has been more of a demand for good plant based food in this country. Nottingham is actually choc full of vegan sweet spots, and the sweetest of all has to be Crocus Café.

I came across this place last year, and being a major foodie I couldn't be happier that I did. Tucked away at the bottom of Lenton Boulevard, this teeny tiny place serves coffee, cakes, lunch and all day breakfast throughout the week in a space littered with fairy lights and creative artwork, and then on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings they cook up a mouth-watering dinner menu. This menu changes week to week, and everything is 100% vegan. Expect handmade sushi one week, and Italian the next, then Mexican the week after that. Nothing costs more than £5 and it is the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten




Last night was Italian night. You’re probably thinking we got pizza, pasta, and some garlic bread. Well, think again. It was the most innovative selection of dishes I’d been given the tremendously difficult task of choosing between. Spinach gnocchi, arancini, hummus bruschetta, sweet potato stew, beetroot pasta! In the end I went for ‘mozzarella’ and pea arancini balls and an aubergine parmigiana. It was absolutely delicious. Aubergine is sometimes quite a tricky vegetable to make taste good, but it was divine. It was layered with vegan mozzarella and cooked in a rich herby tomato sauce, garnished with basil and pine nuts. The arancini was deep fried was covered in rich tomato sauce and was so good I actually dreamed about it I think. We also shared a spinach and ricotta pie, sweet potato tart, and fig and hummus topped bruschetta. Like I said, the food on offer is so inventive and innovative, and makes a delightful change to the baked bean based student meals I’m so used to. And now for the best part. My entire meal cost me just £5.90!





Crocus Café is one of those places that you’ll return again and again, and you’ll never leave disappointed or with your belly not full. The staff are the kindest people, and all volunteers might I add, giving it a super cosy and comforting vibe. There masses of board games to play while you wait for your food, and you’re allowed to bring your own drinks too so it’s a perfect place to turn a quick dinner stop into quite the party.

As if this place couldn’t get any better, like I said the Café is run by volunteers and it’s a not for profit business. All profits go to charity, and they are hugely involved with combatting homelessness in the city. They also try to use solely renewable energy, have a big compost out back, and have a wall covered with pictures of customers pets on the wall in the toilet.

Its not often you can go out for a meal for less than £10, unless you’re happy to settle for fast food. Crocus makes it possible to go out and enjoy a meal without spending a fortune, and even so, every penny you’ll spend in there will be absolutely worth it. Go and give it a try!

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