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CoppaFeel Interview: Meet the Boob Team Leader Sian Galsworthy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, Her Campus Nottingham caught up with the lovely Sian Galsworthy, leader of UoN’s Boob Team committed to spreading awareness for breast cancer and working with the charity CoppaFeel. CoppaFeel is an amazing charity that aims to encourage women of all ages to be aware of their bodies and check their boobs regularly, something that could potentially save lives.

How did you get involved with CoppaFeel at UoN?

I’ve followed coppafeel on instagram for a while as I love the fun way they promote such an important message, I saw a post about their goal to recruit more people from university to spread the message to a younger audience and signed up to their online form and they put me in touch with the boob team leader for last year and got me involved straight away!

Why is it important to you?

The charity and the message it promotes will always have a special place in my heart as my grandma is a breast cancer survivor and sadly my mum passed away from breast cancer in 2015. This taught me the importance of checking your boobs, and how something so simple can literally save your life. I love speaking to people about it and seeing them feel confident to talk about boobs and bumps as its nothing to be embarrassed about but still quite a taboo area of discussion.

How did CoppaFeel start?

CoppaFeel was founded by a wonderful lady called Kris who was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 20’s. She was told she was too young to have breast cancer and sadly by the time of her diagnosis it had spread throughout her body. Her goal is to get young people to be aware of changes in their body because the earlier cancer is caught the better prognosis it has!

What is the best thing about the campaign?

The best thing about the campaign is how much fun we all have while spreading such an incredible message. I also love seeing people feel confident about talking about boobs and love hearing other people share their experiences with breast cancer and get to be open with others who have shared similar experiences. Everyone who gets involved with the boob team has a completely different reason for joining.

How can other people get involved and spread awareness?

If you text UBT NOTTS to 70500 you can get free monthly reminders sent to your phone to check your boobs! Also you can follow us on instagram: @ubtnottingham to get involved and see what we are up to across campus! The best way to spread awareness is don’t be afraid to check your boobs and tell your friends and family to do the same, checking your boobs can save your life!


Don’t forget to sign up to this great text initiative and tell as many people as possible!

Visit https://coppafeel.org for more info

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