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With the new school year just around the corner, we all want our skin to be in tip-top condition. Cleansing helps clear dirt and oil from the skin, leaving it a blank canvas for make-up (or not – you rock either way). But long gone are the days when a bar of soap was the go-to product to rub on your face. The skincare aisles of beauty stores are lined with so many cleansers it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. Luckily, we’re here to break these products down, making your skin goals that much more achievable!

Micellar Water

Micellar water is simply blobs of oil suspended in water. When swiped over the skin with a cotton pad, these blobs remove impurities without drying the skin. While it’s been hailed by some as a miraculous all-purpose cleanser, micellar water is mainly used for the removal of make-up, followed by another product to provide a more general cleanse. We recommend the Garnier line of micellar waters, because it offers specialist products for normal, dry, sensitive and oily skin (£4.99 for 400ml at Boots).

Oil cleansers

Oil cleansers can be used on practically all skin types, including-gasp!-oily skin. They contain oils rich in antioxidants which not only draw out those nasty pore-clogging oils, but also nourish the skin. They can even double up as make-up removers, so are absolute life-savers after long nights out.

For optimal results, place a warm muslin cloth on your face for a bit to open up the pores. Apply the oil with your fingers and let it sit for half a minute before wiping off. We recommend the Superdrug Dual Phase Cleansing Oil (£2.99 at Superdrug), because it’s enriched with Vitamin E to help keep skin looking young and radiant.

Cream Cleansers

Cream cleansers are packed full of petroleum jellies and waxes, which are ideal for dry and sensitive skin but a no-go for oily-skinned gals. They provide an effective cleanse without using harsh chemicals to completely strip the skin, leaving it nice and hydrated. You don’t want to be stingy with cream cleansers, so take a good-sized blob and massage it into dry skin, before wiping off with a damp muslin cloth.

We recommend the Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser (£5.29 at Boots), because it’s free from parabens and mineral oils and smells as delicious as it sounds. 

Gel Cleansers

If you come across something labelled ‘face wash’, chances are it’s a gel cleanser. These contain ingredients like salicylic acid which work to provide a deep cleanse and tackle spots for those with oily, combination or acne-prone skin. They only work with water, so make sure to splash your face before lathering the gel on to your skin and washing off.

We recommend The Body Shop’s Seaweed Cleansing Gel Wash (£7.50 at The Body Shop), because it contains seaweed extract to leave skin looking naturally matte. It’s also free of both oil and soap, so is perfect for those struggling with the paradox of oily but sensitive skin.

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