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Christmas 2016 TV Guide

One of the best things about Christmas is binge watching TV in your pyjamas, happy in the knowledge that you’re back home for Christmas and so your parents (super psyched to have you back) won’t tell you off for slobbing on the sofa for a month straight, but will surgically remove you when the time comes in early January for you to return to uni.

Below is a guide to the best programmes coming our way this festive season that you won’t want to miss so curl up into a burrito of cosiness and enjoy!

Call the Midwife

Is it even Christmas if you don’t sit crying into your mince pie as you watch nuns rediscover the true meaning of Christmas spirit and deliver adorable babies into the poverty-stricken east end of London? This year we see them leave Poplar for the first time and go to South Africa to save a clinic from being closed down, certainly something different and definitely worth a watch if you’re mentally prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that will ensue.

Christmas day 8pm, BBC 1

Doctor Who

Who doesn’t love Doctor Who? Yes, we all miss David Tennant but Peter Capaldi is giving a decent go and he’s actually pretty good! This episode sees the Timelord team up with a comic book character to save New York from an evil alien (no it’s not Donald Trump, I checked). If sci-fi is your thing or you’re a die-hard Whovian like me then make sure you tune in.

Christmas day 5:45pm, BBC1

Bear Hunt

This one is actually super exciting! The super clever people who brought us The Snowman have adapted Michael Rosen’s classic children book and brought it to life. The Snowman is an absolute classic, and ‘we’re walking in the air’ gives me shivers every single time. I’ve got high hopes for the Bear Hunt, super ready to feel like a kid again and get lost in the magic of animation.

Christmas Eve, 7:30pm Channel 4



Yasss Outnumbered is back! If you thought Ben looked different the last time you saw him, wait until you see him now. The family are reuniting for a Christmas Special which we are promised will involve the classic amount of havoc, as well as being stuck in a car for a prolonged period of time, child-problems, parent-problems and… World War II? I suppose we will have to wait and watch to find out!

10pm Boxing Day


How long have we been waiting for this one? 10 years? Feels like it. Anyway, after long, long last, Benedict is back and so is Martin with some questionable silver hair. Moriarty is now definitely dead, and so there’s a new villain on the scene who the writers claim is the darkest villain they’ve ever written. Shudder.

New Year’s Day, 9pm BBC 1

Great British Bake-Off

For the last time ever, we get a slice of GBBO on BBC. *cries* The fantastic foursome that is Paul, Mary, Sue and Mel return to be together for the last time on the Beeb to welcome four past bakers back to the tent to bring us some bakes that will probably make us all salivate dreadfully and prompt us to inspect the Christmas pudding for a soggy bottom. Undoubtedly Paul will insult everyone and everything, Mary will be very merry and Sue will turn almost everything into a sexual innuendo. I personally cannot wait.

Episode 1: Christmas Day, 4:45pm BBC 1

Episode 2: Boxing Day 7pm, BBC 1

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Entertainment feature writer, second year English student.
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