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Campus Style – Lauren Pressman

A new year at university means a new intake of freshers and new fashion on the scene. With many wanting to make a good first impression but still be comfortable and warm (Nottingham is ‘The North’ for us Londoners after all!) it can be a struggle to get the balance right.

Name: Lauren Pressman

Age: 18

Year: First

Degree: Psychology

What are you wearing and where is it from?

My jumper is from Brandy Melville – it’s really warm and cosy and my jeans are from River Island. My bag (an across body, satchel-style) is from Accessorize and my shoes are classic Nike Air Force 1s.

What is your staple item in your wardrobe?

My Nike tracksuit bottoms are my number 1 must-have because I wear them all the time. They’ve been a saviour at university over the past week when lounging around with flatmates.

How much of your wardrobe did you bring with you to university?

All of it! It was so hard to choose what to bring so I just packed as much as I could fit in the car, which was luckily quite a lot! It’s better to be prepared and have as many clothes as possible.


Makeup obsessive from London, studying psychology at UoN.
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