Campus Cutie: Josh Logan

Meet our Campus Cutie of the week, 3rd Year Maths Student Josh Logan!

Name: Josh Logan

Year: 3

Course: Maths

Hometown: I'm a Donny lad.

Campus Involvement: Captain of the Snooker and Pool Club at UoN. 

Dream job: I want to 'drive' aeroplanes. So a pilot.  

Favourite Food: Anything frozen, and/or beige. I'm also partial to a donner kebab pizza.

Personal Claim to Fame: When I was at school, Ed Miliband told me that 'I was going places'. 

Most Embarrasing Uni Moment: Where to begin? Falling asleep in my pizza and waking up with my face in the box the next morning, getting locked in my bedroom in 2nd year and having to be rescused, falling flat on my face at the bar in Rescue Rooms...My housemates would take pleasure in telling you many more.

Where can you be found on a Friday night? Playing pool at Riley's.