Campus Cutie: Iain Grice

Meet 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student Iain Grice!

Name: Iain Grice

Course: Mechanical Engineering

Year: 3

Hometown: The Royal Borough of Tunbridge Wells. 

Campus Involvement: IMS Rugby League. 

Favourite food: Mac and cheese!  

Dream job: Engineer on a a space rocket. 

Most Embarrassing Uni Moment: So many. Bringing home a huge banner from a kebab shop that became the pride and joy of our house as we hung it from the bannister. Sleep walking and ending up in my housemates bed and spilling a glass of water all over her sheets (luckily she wasn't there) and going on a night out, pulling all of the muscles in my back, not being able to walk the next day or play rugby for 3 weeks...