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Campus Celebrity: Kim Stallard, MedSoc President

Meet our Campus Celebrity of the week, 3rd Year Medic Kim Stallard, who is President of MedSoc! 


What does the role of MedSoc President entail?

My main job is making sure my committee is on track (there’s around 20 of them so it can be tricky!) so that all of our socials, welfare provision, sports teams and societies run to plan.

The role is what you make of it – this year I’ve become quite heavily involved in the Junior Doctor contracts, but my other key job is to liaise with the Medical School and University to represent medical students on issues that affect us – particularly in terms of welfare and course improvements.

Is it a lot of work on top of your already busy timetable as a medic?

My Psychiatry research project for the first half of third year was very self-directed, so my timetable was free for lots of MedSoc related activities – although it did get busy around big events!

What is your favourite part of being MedSoc President?

There is something really special about being able to look at 400 medics in black tie at Winter Ball, or Ocean rammed with people in mad costumes at cocktail party, and think, “we did this”. I’ve had a fantastic committee that has pulled off some really spectacular events and it’s been incredible seeing them in action. Equally, I love that I’ve had the chance to put my own stamp on it and that this year we’ve really developed the welfare side of MedSoc.

What made you run to be MedSoc President in the first place?

MedSoc seemed like a really interesting role in terms of having to meet and work with lots of different people, and I thought it sounded like a worthwhile way of filling my spare time!

Do you have time to get up to any other extra curricular activities?

During third year I’ve captained the women’s basketball 2nd team, and played IMS basketball and football for the medics. When I have time I’ll play my guitar!

QUICK PLUG: I’ll be playing at an open mic in support of a fantastic cause called StreetDoctors on Saturday 4th June, so keep an eye out for that…

What do you think of Jeremy Hunt?

While it’s very easy to blame Jezza (although I’m not a fan) it’s important not to forget that he is clearly working with the backing of the Conservative party and has been scapegoated for a wider issue. The Junior Doctor Contract changes are part of a much bigger change in government funding and support for the NHS and are not an isolated issue, which makes it even more important for today’s doctors, medical students and patients to continue to fight for our health service #saveourNHS


Ocean- yay or nay? Yay, Medics live for the Big O!

Dream Job? Professional whistler or super yacht skipper

If you were to go on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be? Breeds of cow

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Pizza or pasta? Pizza

VKs or Jagerbombs? Jaegerbombs all the way

Hallward or George Green? George Green (though medics usually go for Greenfield)

Thank you for your time Kim! 

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