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BREAKING NEWS: Cripps Health Centre Expansion

The Cripps Health Centre on University Park campus has just applied for planning permission from Nottingham city council to expand. With 41,000 patients on its GP register, it’s already the largest GP surgery in the UK but was originally built for the 6,000 students and staff on campus in 1969.

If plans are approved, the site will have an impressive 31 consultation rooms; 8 dental treatment rooms; a 4-bed patient observation room; 2 enhanced procedure rooms; 2 treatment rooms; 9 mental health rooms; 1 seminar room; and a physiotherapy room. Of course, the health centre will still have a pharmacy attached to it, which presumably will be the Boots we know and love, but bigger. It would be set to be completed in Autumn 2018.

Many of us have faced the long waiting times and felt cramped in Boots, trying to wiggle past each other to get to the till. Hopefully these plans are approved and can help the surgery cope better with the staggering amount of sickly students and other patients that stagger in every day!

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