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Boobs on Campus and Fashion Show: Coppafeel!

Her Campus Nottingham’s annual charity fashion show is only a few days away (tickets are still on sale and more details can be found on our Facebook event on the link below). Raffles, themed cocktails and photobooths are just some of the amazing things that will be happening on the evening! Need more reason to come? This week’s profile focuses on Coppafeel!, the charity we are raising money for, along with Fashion Society. Let's find out why this charity is so important!

1. What is Coppafeel!?

CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity working across the UK to spread their important message: Check your boobs! Our aim as the Uni Boob Team for Nottingham is to get our fellow students, both girls and boys, checking their boobs and pecks on a regular basis. This way we can pick up on any abnormalities early and stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer. Early identification of breast cancer leads to more successful treatment and higher survival rates. There is a range of signs and symptoms to look out for including changes in skin texture (e.g. dimpling or thickening), bleeding or discharge from the nipple, any abnormal lumps/bumps and pain in the armpit/breast area. You won’t know what’s normal for you until you start checking but if you think something is wrong, book an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Nobody knows your body as well as you do!

2. How can students get involved?

This year we’ve had a hard working team of 15 students who have worked each month to provide a range of events to spread awareness and raise money for CoppaFeel! We’ve hosted “on Wednesdays we wear pink” sport social pre-drinks, cake sales, a glitter party in Ocean and “Boob Ball” on Sutton Bonnington campus which raised an incredible £394.28. Next year, we want to be bigger and better and host as many events as possible. All students are welcome to attend our events. If any students want to organise events/socials with us, please get in touch! Anyone interested in being part of the Uni Boob Team can contact us on Facebook or via email.

3. Why is it important for young people to know about this?

The reason it’s so important for young people to check their boobs on a regular basis is because breast cancer does not age discriminate. The founder of CoppaFeel!, Kris Hallenga, was just 23 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. There is no stage 5. Her cancer had spread and was incurable. As I said before early diagnosis means treatments are more effective and survival rates are higher. So everyone, no matter how old/young, should be checking their boobs regularly. It doesn’t take long to do and there is no right or wrong way to check.. just do it!

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1763537210573898/

Tickets can be bought here: https://www.ticketarena.co.uk/events/Hollywood-Fashio?_ga=1.235698501.59...



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