The Best Ways To Bag Yourself a Date on a Dating App

In this day and age, online dating and the use of dating apps are becoming more and more popularIf you’re one of the people who uses apps such as Tinder and Bumble to go on dates, here are a few ways in which you can improve your profile and make the effort of all that swiping and small talk worth it.

1. Make your bio interesting or unique

Skipping writing a bio can drastically reduce the chances of you getting a match. Writing something – whether it is which university you’re at or a funny quote, gives your match the opportunity to send a more exciting opening line than a mere ‘hi.’


2. Choose pictures that will make you stand out

Obviously you should choose pictures where you look your best, as well as photos with your friends (just to prove you actually have some). But once again, in order to make starting a conversation easier and more interesting, it might be a good idea to throw in a photo of you doing an activity/ a sport/ wearing fancy dress/quirky outfit – basically just anything out of the ordinary


3. Don’t be too hurried to give out your number

You may think you’ve landed the perfect guy who’s swept you off your feet after a day of small talk, but just give it a few days before committing to giving out your contact details, whether it’s your number or Snapchat. You may realise a few days down the line that this really isn’t for you and cutting contact ties will be easier if you haven’t committed to texting.


4. At the same time, don’t let conversation drag for weeks

If you intend to on a date, the worst thing you can do is let the conversation go on and on for weeks, exhausting any potential first date conversation. It’s surreal when you talk to someone intensely online because you start to feel like you’ve known this person for a while, even though you’ve never actually met, so this can make the stress of a first date even worse.


5. If you want to go on a date, just ask

This is so relevant right now, as women are taking back control of their lives – if you want something, ask for it. So you’ve been talking to this guy for a few days, he’s nice, the conversation is easy and it seems you have a surprising amount in common. If you think there’s potential with this guy then simply ask him out. You have nothing to lose – if he says no, yeah it’s a bit annoying that you’ve wasted your time, but if he says yes, who knows… Just don’t be afraid if you’re yet to go on a Tinder date; he might be just as nervous as you are.


Edited by Tia Ralhan


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