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The Best Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

There’s no escaping the fact it’s January – it’s cold, the weather forecast looks bleak and summer is a long way off. We may all be stuck in Nottingham for now researching our next essay, but there’s a whole host of people on Instagram who continue to document their travels around the world for us. Get your wanderlust fix until your next holiday rolls around by following these amazing (but enviable!) Insta accounts.


Jackie lists herself as a ‘full time traveller’ and whilst she won’t share exactly how she came to boast that desirable title, she will share with you all the amazing snaps she takes along the way. At any point she states where she is in her profile and her next destination, taking in the best bits of any place before moving onto the next!


Everyone’s favourite Pretty Little Liars star is constantly travelling when she’s not filming. Her snaps range from lounging in Bali to skydiving in Dubai, feeding giraffes in Kenya to shopping in Milan. You’re guaranteed to feel envious of her glamorous lifestyle, even whilst being drawn in by her infectious smile.


Focusing on the Big Apple, this page combines staggering city landscapes with romantic hidden gems. The city of New York also follows our British seasonal patterns quite closely, so hopefully the jealousy levels with regards to our current lack of sunlight will be kept to a minimum here.


Jessica is one of those girls who basically travels around the world constantly and doesn’t appear to have an actual job. On her page she can be found posing on a faraway beach, sipping cocktails on a yacht or tucking into a healthy but delicious looking brunch. Ultimate goals!


If you’re looking for a way to escape the bleak, grey skies of Nottingham, this Instagrammer shares her day-to-day photos from the holiday hotspot of Hawaii! Stunning beaches, picturesque sunsets and rolling sea-foam waves that all look too good to be real are guaranteed.

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