Best Moments of Made in Chelsea Season 13

Last week everyone’s favourite filthy rich SW3 clique bowed out for another thrilling season full of extravagance, scandal and some pretty poor reactions to pregnancy announcements. To fill that MIC hole left in our hearts as we go a week without our fix of the show, let’s revisit the best moments of the series.

1)  PREGNANCY REACTIONS. In the opening episode of the series, we were treated to the comparative reactions of the girls and boys to the news that Binky and JP were having a baby that no one expected them to be having; their notoriously rocky relationship had really been on the rocks as season 12 came to a close. Whilst the girls could at least feign happiness, the boys found it much harder to muster together anything that remotely resembled thrill.

2) MIMI’S SUPER SUBTLE ADVANCES TOWARDS FRED. An ICELANDIC God is what she called him, but I think most people just see him as what he is - a boy with a decent jaw and some questionably long blond locks, and also very unavailable since he was dating Olivia Bentley (until they subsequently broke up over the Mimi fiasco). Some people like to play hard to get, others like to respect the fact that someone is in a happy relationship, but Mimi decided to go for the head-on angle, repeatedly gushing how wonderfully beautiful he was and how much she fancied him. This included whilst he was on an actual date with his girlfriend. I know Canadians are stereotyped to be extremely friendly, but this is taking it too far.

Was she bothered that her advances had upset Olivia and broken up the couple?

 Clearly not.

3) WHEN THE BROMANCE CRUMBLED AND NO ONE COULD DEAL WITH IT. Up there with the country’s most famous bromances has to be Sam Thompson and Jamie Laing. Even though overall Jamie is not a very nice person for all the stirring and lying he is famous for, Sam Thompson has always loved him unconditionally. So when word got round that Sam was dissing his oh-so-stable relationship and Jamie banished him from his office (and hence metaphorically his heart), everyone went into frenzy. Especially when he swiftly replaced him with a younger model of the same name.

But they later made up in a heart warming scene that brought us all to tears (…let’s be honest, Louise DEFINITELY CRIED)

4) JAMIE AND FRANKIE’S RELATIONSHIP - JUST IN GENERAL. It’s actually getting a bit tragic now. Both of them cheated on each other this series, be it an explicit ‘fondle’ or full on sleeping with someone else. Both refused to listen to the advice of their friends, and pushed them away instead of their toxic other half. They end the series on a somewhat uncertain note, as Frankie announces she may or may not be going to Ibiza single. Let’s be honest, she’s still going to be with Jamie isn’t she? She just can’t bring herself to dump the fool even though the rather charming Harry Baron has been making some not-so-subtle advances towards her.

5) WHEN HARRY BARON TRIED IT ON WITH ALMOST EVERYONE. He seems to have been shipped in to be the carbon copy replacement of Spencer, and he is just what the cast was missing; a smooth talking criminal who systematically aggravates all the boys by going after the girls and then feigning ignorance with an enchanting smile.

Just look at that smile. So far, he’s made moves on Ella who’s with Julius, Frankie who is with Jamie and Liv who is friends with both Frankie and Julius and so a somewhat weird love web begins to be woven. No one is safe from his devilish good looks and somewhat slimy charm, rumour has it if he winks at you, you automatically become infatuated beyond retrieval.

Who’s looking forward to finding out what happens in Ibiza??? I personally cannot wait.

Edited by Susan Akyeampong