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The Best Halloween Costumes for Besties!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

If you and your bestie are struggling to find the perfect Halloween costume, then look no further! Here are a few costume ideas that will make you guys the epitome of friendship goals.


1. Angel & Devil

This is the perfect costume if you are looking for something last minute and nothing screams Halloween like a devil and an angel. All you need is a red or white dress with a headband and you’re all set! Between you and your bestie, who would be the angel and would be the devil?


2. Woody & Buzz lightyear from Toy Story

What could be more iconic then Buzz and Woody’s friendship? This costume would take some preparation but most elements can be handmade, or purchased in highstreets store. But the end result looks incredible! You could be singing ‘You gotta a friend in me’ with your bestie!


3. Women with Bunny Ear Partying emoji

Definitely a costume for the modern age of emoji’s! Twining with your bestie is always a good way to go as it saves time and stress. This is a perfect costume if you two have been invited out last minute- grab a pair of bunny ears and a bodysuit or leotard and you are good to go!


4. Lilo & Stitch

Are you and your bestie the ultimate Disney fans? Then this outfit is perfect for you. It is also a very easy costume to make, all you need is a blue jumper of Stitch and a red dress for Lilo and some paper to cut out the patterns and ears. Ideal for any last minute Halloween plans!


5. Twins from The Shining

If you and your BFF are looking for something more frightening to wear, then the twins from the Shining movie will definitely spook people! All you need is two blue dresses, white high knee socks, some fake blood and eye contact lenses. This costume would be quite easy to make at home if you have the time.


6. The Black Swan and The White Swan

The Black Swan and White Swan looks are the perfect BFF costume if you’re wanting to look both spooky but dressed up too. This outfit would need some planning, you would need a black and white corset, tutu and tights. Not to mention practicing the delicate eye makeup. But if you and your bestie pulled this off, you’ll be the talk of the Halloween party! Better brush up on your ballerina moves! Image sources:






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Sinead Butler is a 3rd year English and Philosophy Jt Hons student. She joined Her Campus Nottingham in September 2017 as a Social Media Intern and Blogger. This year, she is currently Head of Social Media and has continued her role as a Blogger for HCN. Along with her roles at HCN, she also blogs for the University of Nottingham's Careers Service and has a blog site of her own: www.thoughtsofsinead.wordpress.com. After university, Sinead aims to pursue a career in political journalism.
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