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I am a huge music fan and I’ve spent a good part of my (almost over) three years at Nottingham exploring the music scene and meeting some incredible people. I have loved seeing what Nottingham has to offer and I’m certainly going to miss heading to certain venues and dancing the night away to some great bands and singers. These are my top music venues in Nottingham…


The Bodega

This is 100% the best venue for intimate gigs in Nottingham. I love the atmosphere there and The Bodega team are just the nicest people! I’ve had many opportunities to work with artists, whether it be reviewing or photographing, at this venue. It’s a fantastic platform for upcoming artists to gain exposure to a new audience, and they also offer fans an opportunity to get close to artists that they wouldn’t have the chance to usually in huge venues like arenas.

They host a variety of musicians for fans of different genres of music which is amazing as people are exposed to musicians that isn’t in the big charts which not a lot of venues offer. I’ve discovered some awesome bands and singers from the gigs I’ve attended here.


Rough Trade Nottingham

Rough Trade is another favourite of mine as it offers old school vibes and keeps music at the heart of its venue which is so refreshing. I have seen some amazing and intimate gigs at Rough Trade with so much variety, making it such a special venue as you really feel the whole performance within the venue.  I love the quirkiness of the venue and all the cool people you meet, whether it be performers or those within the crowd. Definitely a recommended venue to visit whilst you are in Nottingham!


Rescue Rooms

Rescue Rooms is a great, not just for music events but for a wide host of events! Some of the best events I’ve been to have been here, including the quizzes and their amazing ‘Beat the Streets’ festival. They create such a fun atmosphere and I’ve had some of my best nights at rescue rooms! It’s a venue very suited to the summer too, so now with hopefully some more sunshine on the way, summer memories will be made here.


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19. History Undergraduate at UoN. Lover of live music.
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