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The Best Christmas Adverts of 2017

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Yep, it’s that time of the year again. Every year, brands fight to have the best Christmas advert, making the countdown to Christmas even more exciting! Here are a few ads that are attempting to grab the public’s attention this year:


1. Debenhams #YouShall (The Romantic One)

This is definitely one of my favourite Christmas adverts this year. It’s based on an encounter between a guy and a girl on the train. When the girl gets off at her stop and loses her shoe in the process, the guy makes it his mission to find her and return the lost shoe. His search mission goes viral with “#findmyshoe” and “#findthatgirl” and, eventually, fate (aka Ewan McGregor) brings them back together and they share a kiss. This ad definitely brings the magic of Christmas to life and is one for the hopeless romantics. 


2. John Lewis #MozTheMonster (The Cute One)

The John Lewis Christmas advert is the most anticipated of the year. This year it’s based on a seven-year-old boy named Joe who can’t sleep because of a mysterious snoring sound. He then discovers Moz the Monster under his bed and the two begin to form a friendship and play every evening. These late nights took a toll on Joe and he even fell asleep during football matches. On Christmas Day Moz gives Joe a night light to help him fall asleep, however it also made Moz disappear. At the end of the ad Joe is shown that he can bring Moz back anytime he turns his light off. Overall, it is a very sweet advert and the music suits perfectly, although I think it isn’t the best ad that John Lewis has made.


3. Boots #ShowThemYouKnowThem (The Emotional One)

This advert is all about the importance of family at Christmas. We’re taken on a journey of two sisters, from when they are children all the way up to the present day as adults. In this journey we see the best sides, like chasing each other as kids, dancing in nightclubs as teenagers and the worst, like fighting with each other, moving away etc. Throughout these stages of their lives we see how they have grown up with Boots; spraying perfume, painting their nails and putting on lipstick. Boots have been able to seamlessly tie their product in with an emotive advert successfully.


4. Aldi- Kevin The Carrot (The Funny One)

Kevin the Carrot is back again from last year! Only this time he has a love interest… Katie. He attempts to make his way to her across the dinner platter but needless to say, he encounters some trouble. It’s no wonder that Aldi brought him back, it is thought that last year’s advert contributed to a 15% jump in sales for Aldi. Well, it’s certainly been a hit for a second year running!


5. Peacocks- X Factor (The Nostalgic One)

Finishing on a nostalgic note, if you’re an X Factor fan then you will certainly recognise these familiar faces – former contestants, Jedward, Wagner, Sam Bailey and Honey G. It’s an ad that will definitely get people talking, which of course is what the Peacocks brand intended. This is an ad that will split the nation for sure! What do you think… extremely cringey or just a bit of Christmas fun?

Overall there have been certain brands that have upped their game when it comes to Christmas ads. Debenhams and Boots I would say were the two that stood out to me the most. But then, you can’t beat the classic Coca-Cola Christmas truck, can you?

What has been your favourite Christmas ad this year?

Edited By Niamh Perry








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