Best On-Campus Study Spots

So, the worst time of the year is in full swing – exam period. And, unsurprisingly, when it is sunny outside, our motivation starts to dip and instead of being stuck in the library or in our bedroom revising, of course, we'd much rather head to the beer garden. I find that a change of scenery can really help give that little boost of motivation that helps to stop you resorting to the latter. There are so many other spots you can revise from on campus, giving you a variety (and hopefully preventing total boredom).

The most sensible ‘other’ place to revise is the Teaching and Learning building – there are so many spots, with desks, charging points and comfortable study booths. And, if you're looking for a more quiet space then the top floor is your best friend! My tip is to get there early because it fills up pretty quickly. 

If you're looking for a more casual or aesthetic spot to revise on campus, then there are lots of cafes to choose from. My favourite is Portland Coffee Co., and the brownie is a must if you are going to be studying there. When Portland is especially busy, there is also an overflow study area near the door you can use.

Another coffee shop, which I think is underrated (or maybe people just don’t know about it because of the Portland hype), is Lakeside Arts. It's a great spot that isn’t too noisy, and you have the view of Trent building to look at all day - as opposed to the four walls of your bedroom. Also, Lakeside is a very popular doggy spot so you might even get the opportunity to pet some cute dogs while you’re there.

Finally, if you are looking for more of a revision ‘break’ on campus or just some light reading, then there are more than enough spots where you can just sit outside, get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine without feeling guilty for being unproductive. Around the lake is a particularly good one! My point is that there are many things you can do or read without feeling trapped in the same room.  


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