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The Best Cadbury Creme Egg Recipes To Try

Crème Egg sensation has swept the nation, with Cadbury riding this wave following the limited release of a white chocolate variation where the lucky finders will win £1000 – as well as getting an out-of-this-world treat to munch on!

Whilst none of us at Her Campus have shown sufficient easter-egg-hunting skills to track one down, we’ve got a bunch of recipes to transform your regular crème eggs into something even greater…



This make-at-home freakshake starts with a spoonful of nutella in the base before combining milk, chocolate ice cream and 2 crème eggs. Your diet-breaking extravaganza is then topped with whipped cream, mini eggs around the rim, and a final halved crème egg to finish!



Slutty Brownies

This indulgent bake features a layer of cookie dough, a crème egg centre, and a gooey brownie top! Sugar high coming through…



Creamy Dip

For the more sophisticated amongst us, this sweet and sticky dip is perfect for sharing in a big bowl with friends and pairing with milk or dark chocolate – or maybe even more crème eggs!



Gooey Fudge

This simple 3-ingredient no-bake recipe is perfect for lazier bakers or as a minimal procrastination task from work. Just make sure you plan ahead and prep it to harden overnight so you can then enjoy it the next day.



Cookie Cups

These soft shaped chocolate chip cookies are stuffed with a mini creme egg filling that oozes out on first bite. Chewy, sugary and best served warm, it’s the perfect Easter treat!


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